Thursday, May 07, 2009

Beauty Product of the Week: UV Defense Regenerating Lotion

What is it? Olay's new Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging UV Defense Regenerating Lotion SPF 50 Moisturizer "combines powerful UVA/UVB (SPF 50) sunscreen with our exclusive Peptide + B3 complex and Olay moisture to help protect from damaging UV rays while moisturizing and regenerating skin's appearance. The result? Younger looking skin without drastic measures. Instantly the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is softened and skin's appearance will be beautifully regenerated." Available this month wherever Olay products are sold for $29.99. (Note: the product shown above is their SPF 15 version...the SPF 50 version I'm writing about looks the same, but has an orange box in the right hand corner that says SPF 50.)

What did you think? You've heard it a lot from me and you're going to continue to hear it: to keep your skin protected from the sun and looking its best, always wear a sunscreen...every day, no matter what. I don't know about the rest of you, but I need to use a moisturizer everyday. Having such a high SPF level mixed in with my moisturizer makes my life easy: not only will my skin be hydrated, but I'll also get my daily SPF protection.

This Olay product makes my skin feel nourished, just like other Olay products I've used in the past. This one also has a very light fragrance that smells clean and very girly. Oddly, it doesn't bother me...and I normally don't like scented products. My face feels smooth and healthy, not greasy in the least.

The final verdict? This product has the highest SPF protection of all the Olay products out there. I love getting both sun protection and moisturized skin with one product. Olay has yet to let me down, and I'm glad to see this high level of SPF protection is hitting the market...just in time for summer!


Emma - [Magpie Sparkles] said...

Does it come in the pump bottle or a squeezy bottle?


Lydia said...

It's a pump bottle.