Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beauty Product of the Week: Lavender Salt Scrub

What is it? Trader Joe's Lavender Salt Scrub will "cleanse your skin while taking a shower. This product is so full of natural ingredients, you could eat it! Includes Apricot Kernel Oil, Almond Oil, Green Tea Leaf, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, and the highest grade of Lavender Oil." Available at Trader Joe's for about $6. (Note: sorry for the photo quality! It's a quick shot from my iPhone.)

What did you think? Trader Joe's is a shopping mecca. They sell all kinds of fabulous food products, reasonably priced produce, and ultra-addictive Olive Oil Popcorn. But they also have an aisle of personal care products, and I love checking out the goodies in that aisle.

On a recent excursion to TJ's, I picked up their Lavender Salt Scrub. It's reasonably priced at about $6, and it sounded appealing. When I tried it out in the shower, I was not disappointed.

I love the way salt scrubs feel, smell, and (oddly) taste. This scrub really exfoliated. It softened up my skin to the point where I left the shower with a freshly scrubbed pink glow. The lavender scent is not over-powering, but it's definitely there. It's a relaxing scent that will fill your shower and bathroom with a calming freshness.

Use this to slough off dead skin cells before shaving or applying a self-tanner. This exfoliates like no one's business! The only bad side? There was a considerable amount of slippery residue left behind on the shower floor once I was done using this product. That's the only downside to an otherwise awesome product.

The final verdict? Not bad! This certainly leaves my skin feeling smooth and smelling like lovely lavender. If it weren't so slippery, I'd use it more often!


Leslie said...

This sounds awesome. I might pick some up the next time I'm at TJ's.

Hey, I've been wondering if you know of any good pedicure products. The heels of my feet are in awful shape (really rough), and it always tickles too much to have them filed or whatever when I get a pedicure. Do you have any recommendations for a good pumice stone that will really do the trick? My foot filer thing hasn't been working too well. :/

phairhead said...

And the 1st day Man created Trader Joe's and it was good

MartaN said...

I love TJ items they are so good and smells good too.
Too bad that where I live now there is not TJ