Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Product Preview: Nexxus Nourishing Botanicals

I've been focusing a lot on eco-friendly beauty products this week, and in keeping with this theme, I bring you a preview of Nexxus Salon Hair Care's Nourishing Botanicals line.

The products in this line contain natural ingredients that promise to keep your hair looking beautiful while being kind to the earth. Nexxus Nourishing Botanicals Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave-in Conditioner are formulated without parabens and dyes while containing a blend of pure, natural botanical oils, emollients, and plant proteins. The Nourishing Botanicas line utilizes a fruit micro-sphere technology that will leave hair healthy, soft, and shiny.

But Nexxus doesn't stop considering the earth at their forumlas. They consider their packaging, too. The entire Nourishing Botanicals line comes in recycled packaging all Nexxus not tested on animals (yay!).

I'm sharing the Nourishing Botanicals line with my testers (my mom and sister), so I'll let you know their thoughts soon. I know my mother is hooked on the leave-in conditioner. Here are all the details on the entire line:
  • Nexxus Botanoil Nourishing Botanical Shampoo: A cleansing shampoo that weightlessly nourishes and hydrates to leave hair looking and feeling luxuriously soft and healthy. ($9.27 for 13.5 fl. oz bottle)
  • Nexxus Botanphuse Nourishing Botanicals Conditioner: A conditioner that nourishes and pampers hair without weighing it down for luxuriously soft, healthy-looking hair. ($14.99 for 13.5 fl. oz bottle)
  • Nexxus Botanluxe Nourishing Botanical Leave-in Conditioner: This leave-in conditioning spray employs natural ingredients to provide the ultimate in hydration for all hair types. ($11.99 for 8.5 fl. oz bottle)

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phairhead said...

i'll be very interested in reading the results of how Nexxus performed. long time fan of their leave-in conditioner