Saturday, April 04, 2009

Hairy Situation

Men and women have one thing in common when it comes to the world beauty: we all need to shave various parts of our body.

According to a recent survey conducted by King of Shaves
  • 70% of men shave before a date; 10% of men will only shave if it is a first date.
  • 47% of men would like their girlfriends to shave her legs everyday.
  • 64% of women shave their legs before a date.
  • 71% of women prefer men to be clean shaven; only 7% of women admitted to preferring facial hair on men.
  • 70% of women complained that men’s (husband/boyfriend) facial hair has irritated their face at one point.
  • 64% of women have used men’s shaving products; 64% of women did not like men’s shaving products and prefer using shaving products for women.
Here are my thoughts:
  • I prefer my man to be clean shaven. And he usually is. However, this year, my husband's been growing out his facial hair, which is tough for him. He's not a hairy guy, but he wants to see if he can get the Lemmy look. Here's Lemmy (from Motorhead) and his fabulous facial hair--and below Lemmy is super hottie Peter Steele sporting his own unique facial hair--also an inspiration for my husband's 2009 look. The facial hair grow out has been fun, and I'm all for a little experimentation! It's going to be weird once he shaves it off.
  • When it comes to shaving my legs, I am terrible! In the summer I'm much more diligent, but during colder months? Forget it...I can't be bothered. Thankfully, I'm a married lady and my husband doesn't mind.
What are your thoughts on shaving?


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Leslie said...

Okay, I hate shaving. Even when I'm not pregnant, I hardly ever shave my legs. Hates it! Thankfully, Roy doesn't mind. ;)

Facial hair on men - Roy had it when we first started dating. I loved kissing him with a full beard. But I also love him clean-shaven. My absolute favorite is when he has some stubble, not because it feels great (it doesn't), but because it SMELLS great. I'm not big on aftershave or cologne, and I've found that some stubble makes a man's face smell awesome, totally natural.

phairhead said...

i shave everything. I have to, I'm Italian. and what I don't shave gets waxed professionally. can you see me trying to wax my own eyebrows? disaster.

Chris has shaved off his beard. it's like i'm cheating on him w/ him. he looks great either way. i never would consider even kissing a man if he had so much of a whisper of facial hair