Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beauty Product of the Week: Exact Eyelights

What is it? Cover Girl's Exact Eyelights mascara uses "(a) unique eye brightening formula combined with the patented No Clump brush technology (to) bring out the color of your eyes and give you gorgeous clump-free lashes!" Available in several different colors depending on the color of your eye (I tried out Black Sapphire) at drugstores for about $7.50.

What did you think? It's well documented that I am a mascara fan. I love trying out new formulas, but I must admit I was a little cautious with this one. Why? Because I have a weird anti-Cover Girl mindset. I don't like that Cover Girl continues to test on animals, and I'm not wild about their sponsorship of America's Next Top Model (because I don't like a lot of product placement in my trash TV, mind you!). However, I set my personal prejudices aside and still test out CG products from time to I think CG's pressed powder is unbeatable--but that's another post for another time.

Anyway, CG's Exact Eyelights are supposed to pop the color of your eyes. I applied a coat to around my baby blues and...? Nothing. My lashes didn't clump, so that's the good news. The bad news? My lashes didn't look thicker or longer. And my eyes didn't look anymore blue than normal. I tried another coat and still? Nothing. I missed the definition that my blackest black mascara gives to my eyes.

The final verdict? Skip it. Seriously, there are so many better mascaras on the market that don't cost a ton of money. Sadly, this one does not deserve further consideration. My bias against Cover Girl products (other than their pressed powder) remains. Sorry.


phairhead said...

i wonder if that's the crap the hamsters will be hawking this year?

Anonymous said...

That's annoying that the mascara didn't work for you, but I tried it and loved it! I bought it, and I've been getting compliments on how pretty my eyes look. However, I tried the hazel one, so it may be different...