Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beauty Confessions: Lather Junkie

Let's be honest...we all have bad beauty habits that are almost impossible to break. Since we're not perfect people, and because I think it's interesting to discuss flaws rather than perfection, I'm going to discuss some of the more common beauty bad habits over the next few weeks.

This week, it's all about the hair.

I've fessed up to it before, and I'm not afraid to say it again: I wash my hair every single day. I know I'm not supposed to...I hear that it's supposedly washes away all the good oils, fades out my dye job, blah, blah, blah. But you know what? I could care less! When I don't wash my hair, it seems oily and gross on day two.

I tend to wince when a hairdresser asks me how often I shampoo. I know the right answer is "oh, just every other day," but I cannot lie. "I wash every day," I say with a slight nervous inflection in my voice. I don't know what I'm fearing. It's not like my stylist is going to beat me with a flat iron because I'm a lather-junkie. Thankfully, the past two stylists I've seen understand my addiction, because they both told me that they shampoo daily as well. Ah, sweet vindication!

In my humble opinion, if your hair needs to be washed daily, then go ahead and wash it. Why should you feel and look like a complete grease-ball just because "they" say you should only shampoo a few times a week? Daily shampoo rebels unite!

It seems to me that people with fine hair need to shampoo more regularly. Otherwise it just looks stringy and heavy...not good. But those with thicker, curlier hair may benefit from less frequent washing.

Now, if you're trying to reform your bad girl ways, here's my advice: try not washing your hair on a day when you don't have anyone to impress. But I do have a question to all you good girls out there: on days when you don't wash your hair, do you get it wet? Or do you use a shower cap? I never know what the right answer is and would love to hear from the rest of you on this.

Also, if you have any bad beauty habits, tell me about them! It's nice to know that there are other people breaking the rules out there!


Emma said...

I wash my hair once a week - my blog followers are facinated by the subject!

I don't get it wet inbetween washes. I use dry shampoo every 2 or 3 days to give a bit of volume and deal with any greasy roots.


phairhead said...

everyday. i don't care if it's wrong, it feels so right

Posey said...

Im a lather junkie as well. And i have thick curly hair. But if i dont wash it everyday, i just feel gross. Plus, my roots get oily very easily.

There ARE times i do go a day without shampooing, but its ok to wet the hair and even condition it. But when i do skip a shampoo and only condition, i use a cheaper conditioner like suave that has some alcohol in it, so i still feel like it is cleaning my hair.

K8 said...

I have fairly thick curly hair. I have the best luck when I only suds-up about once a week. I wet and condition everyday.

This has worked like a charm for years!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I have no choice but to wash it every day - it gets so greasy in between it just looks awful. I don't care if its 'wrong' - I'd rather be in the wrong than look like a greasy tramp!!

Brooke said...

I have to wash mine everyday as well or else I feel like a grease ball. This is completely my own theory, but I think you are pretty much born with the texture you are going to have unless you have extensive perming, coloring, etc. I don't believe washing has that much to do with it.
Do what you do and if it works keep doing it.

Anonymous said...

I usually wash my hair every second day. I used to wash it less frequently when it was longer, simply because it was so much work to get it dry again. Now it's much more manageable.

I've found that hair gets used to the frequency with which it is washed. If I regularly wash my hair every second day and then don't wash it for three days once, it will be greasy and horrible, but back when I regularly washed it every third day, that didn't occur at all.

And I don't get it wet in between washes.