Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beauty Product of the Week: Tone Enhancing Ribbons

What is it? Olay's Body Wash Plus Tone Enhancing Ribbons "is the only body wash with an actual ribbon of mineral shimmer. It helps transform skin to the rich, lustrous tone it deserves. It contains tiny interference pigments which help to diffuse light, giving skin the appearance of a more even, radiant sheen. The cleansing ribbon and moisturizing mineral ribbon interact to provide a luxurious shower experience that results in hydrated skin and a beautiful, soft sheen without sacrificing lather." Available wherever Olay products are sold for $3.99 to $5.99, depending on size.

What did you think? I usually use soap in the shower. Yes, I does make my skin dry, but I'm all about convenience. That said, I've been using Olay's Tone Enhancing Ribbons body wash for a few weeks now and my skin does feel much softer. The lather is comforting and scented with a slightly vanilla perfume. It makes me feel both clean and my skin nourished. With soap, I always feel clean but over-scrubbed! Once dried off, my skin has a subtle shimmer from the body wash without having that tacky glittered look. And my skin maintains a softness and pleasant scent out of the shower.

Final verdict? Overall, this is a very nice product, especially if you are a fan of body wash. If only I could use a body wash without having to get a shower puff, I'd be all set. Still, this body wash does everything it says it will: it makes my skin feel good and look good thanks to the subtle shimmer it provides.

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