Monday, March 09, 2009

Ask Lydia: Festival/Camping Makeup


I was wondering if you had any recommendations for how to stay pretty while camping. I just bought my tickets for the
Sasquatch Music Festival, where I'll be forced to stay in a tent/not shower/feel gross for a few days. Any suggestions?



Hi Simone!

First, have fun at Sasquatch! I live near Seattle and have thought about going over to the Gorge to check out Sasquatch, but the prospect of being outside, camping...with all those people, sort of turns me off. I am not a camper. camping for me means staying in a B&B with a shared bathroom.

Anyway, if I were going to a multi-day music festival...or if I were actually camping...there are a few things I would take with me in order to keep looking cute. You don't want to be bogged down with products, but you do want to take care of your skin and use products that will do double duty. For me, my makeup essentials are good looking skin, a quick coat of black mascara, and a hint of color on my lips. When camping or at a festival, you don't want to do your full face, so leave your eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, concealer, etc. at home.

Here's my must have list of your situation--if anyone has anything to add, please leave a comment!

  • Boots Quick Thinking 4 in 1 Wipes...or something similar. These wipes are great. They don't require any water or rinsing, and they make your skin feel perfectly clean. These are available from Target, but there are many other brands out there. They're a great way to wash your face with minimal effort (and no running water!)
  • Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo: You can use this on days when you don't have time to wash, or when you don't have access to water or a blow dryer. It will make your hair feel and smell good, even if you're hanging out in the elements.
  • MD Skincare Powerful Protection SPF 30 Sunscreen Pads: these are awesome! Sure, this is an expensive product ($42!), but they're easy to apply and even easier to pack. Plus they provide a high level of sun protection, and that's essential at outdoor festivals or when camping.
  • Some sorty of bug spray. Many people swear by Avon's Skin So Soft, but I use the ultra-toxic stuff that contains DEET, like Deep Woods Off. Use what you like, but be sure to take something with you!
  • Alba Terra Tints Natural Tinted Lip Balm, SPF 18...or something similar. These tinted lip balms will refresh your lips with their minty scent/flavor, and they'll give your lips protection from the sun...all while adding moisture and color to your lips. I love double duty products, and this is one of my favorites!
  • Any sort of tinted moisturizer containing SPF, like Olay Complete Plus Ultra-Rich Tinted Moisturizer. Again, this is a double duty product--your skin will get much needed moisture, and you'll quickly even out your skin tone.
  • Your favorite waterproof mascara (I like Great Lash by Maybelline). Mascara will give your eyes just enough pop with minimal time. Go for a waterproof product so it won't smudge...and don't worry about getting it off--the Boots 4 in 1 wipe can handle it!
There you go, Simone! Don't forget to stay hydrated and be sure to wear your sunglasses. Have fun watching Animal Collective, NIN, and Jane's Addiction at the Gorge!


Leslie said...

That music festival sounds fun!

Thanks for this post. I starred it in my google reader for future reference - not for any outdoor music festivals in my future but for when the baby comes. I know at the beginning it's going to be crazy, but I also know that it will be an immense help if I can feel like I still look good. :)

phairhead said...

tinted lip balm is the best thing ever

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I put these on my shopping list--the dry shampoo and boots wipes look great.

Glitzy Nails said...

Thanks so much for this post. Our Nail Reps will love this information. The dry shampoo is an incredible idea.

We will have to update our RSS feed with your blog.

~Glitzy Nails
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Garret said...

What a musical festival!! Sound like a blast! The dry wipes look great!

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