Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sticker Shock

So...I was flipping through my most recent mailing from Ulta today, checking out the deals and new beauty products--doing general Kiss and Makeup research.

Anyway, I saw this great new product:

Peter Thomas Roth
Lashes To Die For
Longer, thicker, fuller lashes!
Revolutionary, patent-pending complex dramatically enhances appearance of natural lashes. Within just 4-8 weeks, independent consumer studies prove 64% saw longer lashes, 67% saw thicker and fuller lashes, based on consumer studies.

My initial response? Awesome! Who can't use thicker, longer, fuller lashes? I want to try this out for all my dedicated Kiss and Makeup readers! It would be a win-win: I would try out a new product and get the possible benefit, and you all would be able to decide whether or not to buy this product based on my field work.

I was ready to make my purchase...

And then I saw how much Lashes To Die For would set me back: $125. For one stinking tube. $125.

Yeah...I think I'll pass. Sorry. My budget cannot justify a $125 test run.

Damn economy!


phairhead said...

seriously? for mascara?

Lydia said...'s not pedestrian mascara. No, this is an eyelash TREATMENT. and yeah...crazy $$, huh?

Miss Yaya said...

i haven't tried this, but a coworker of mine bought it and it seems to work... will see as time passes