Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Product Preview: Graham Webb Advanced Therapy

I like to say that I am blonde naturally and even blonder chemically. Yes...I am a dyer. And a blow dryer. And to make matters worse, I wash my hair every single stinking day even though I know better. What's more, I'm an occasional flat iron-er. Yup...I'm tough on may hair.

But all is not lost! Thanks to the Graham Webb Advanced Therapy system of products, I can turn my torturous heat styling into a beneficial conditioning treatment. How? Easy! The Advanced Therapy products contain something call Thermacore Complex that restore dried out, over processed hair into silky goodness. It also contains natural emollients and humectants that add manageability and silk proteins and keratin amino acids that build extra protection and moisture within the hair.

I'm going to try out the Graham Webb Advanced Therapy Treatment later this week. It is a two-part formula that is used after normal shampooing/conditioning. All I need to do is mix both parts in my hair, saturate my locks for 3-5 minutes, and then style it as usual.

The Advanced Therapy Treatment is offered at salons, but can now be purchased for at-home use. You can use it weekly or as often as needed to restore hair back to its healthy, shiny state. A 1 oz sachet (one treatment) costs $4.50 and is available at professional salons nationwide. Click here for a salon near you.

I'll be back in a few days to let you know what I thought of this product and if it left my hair silky and beautiful!

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