Sunday, February 01, 2009


There are so many nail colors on the market that it's impossible to find a shade that doesn't suit your mood, match your eyes, or reflect whatever color your aura is at the moment. And the good folks at OPI are determined to keep our lacquer choices plentiful. Here are some new collections to check out:

South Beach Collection
Available on February 4th, OPI is launching their Spring 2009 line, their South Beach Collection. Here are the shades:
  • Done Out In Deco: lilac (crème)
  • Clubbing Til Sunrise: tangerine (shimmer)
  • Suzi & The Lifeguard: pink (shimmer)
  • Conga-Line Coral: orange-rose (shimmer)
  • Overexposed In South Beach: purple (shimmer)
  • Bronzed To Perfection: brown (shimmer)
  • Party In My Cabana: pink (crème)
  • Sand In My Suit: nude (frost)
  • Paint My Moji-Toes Red: red (crème)
  • Miami Beet: violet (crème)
  • OPI On Collins Ave. : red orange (crème)
  • Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot!: flamingo pink (crème)
I'm personally not inspired by this collection. Maybe it's just me, but nothing "South Beach" really sends me. Frosty nail colors? Pastels? Meh. If this is the trend that Spring/Summer fashion is headed towards I'm not going to be a happy consumer. If I had to pick a shade, I'd opt for Paint My Moji-Toes...I guess.

90210 Collection
I mentioned this awhile ago and completely forgot about it. Similarly, I watched a few episodes of the "new" 90210 and then quickly lost interest in the next class of West Beverly High. Maybe I'm just too old...whatever. If you're still watching 90210 and want to have nails inspired by the cool kids, check out these shades:

Queen of West Web-erly: A purple shimmery color inspired by Kelly's little sister, the blogger.

Sweet as Annie-Thing: A "lollipop" red inspired by fresh from the mid-west (or wherever) female protagonist. Is it just me or does Annie look a little long in the tooth to be a high school girl?

Pretty and Privileged: A ruby red for the entitled. I think they should have called it Petty and Privileged, but that's just me!

My pick out of this collection? Probably Queen of West Web-erly. I'm in a purple phase at the moment.

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phairhead said...

Just in time to for me to do a home pedi before I head south of the border. thanks, Lydia!