Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Haircut 100

I am recovering from being sick with a cold/flu and I'm also slowly getting back into work mode after being away for a week of break. During my scheduled week off, I made an appointment for a much needed hair cut and color. Because of my illness, I was forced to cancel and my hair is now an unruly mess. I am in desperate need of a restyle.

When it comes to hair, I wonder: how many of us have a signature look? It's all too easy to get used to a particular style....hell--people have hair ruts that last decades! If you have a signature hair style, do you actually like your style? Or are you ready for a change?

Me? On a good day, my hair style is inspired by Veronica Lake (above). On a bad day, I look more like Dave Mustaine from Megadeth (below), as I mentioned before. Apart from getting bangs in the Winter of '07-'08, my hair hasn't changed drastically in years...it's always been blonde, shoulder length, and pretty far from fabulous.

I think I want a change! If you're like me and need to change it up, here are some tips for getting a new style that you'll love:
  • First, figure out how much change you're willing to undergo. Sure, it might seem exciting to go from bleach-blonde to jet black overnight, but that sort of change could be more shocking than you're ready for. Make sure you are able to deal with seeing yourself in a whole new way. Also, take into consideration how your new look will fit in with your professional and personal life.
  • Be realistic. If you don't like to spend a lot of time styling your hair, you may not want to pick a 'do that will require hours of complex styling. Also take into consideration things you cannot change, like your hair's texture.
  • Flip through magazines or look online for hairstyles you might like. Don't get too hung up with a model's hair color...focus on the cut, the style, the profile, etc.
  • Take several options in with you when you see your stylist. Talk about what you want, and listen to the stylist's advice. If they don't think a pixie-cut will work for your face/hair type, they'll tell you. Your stylist wants you to look good and to be happy with your hair in the long term. They're professionals and they know what they're doing--listen to them!
  • If you don't have (or don't like) a stylist, ask friends, family, or co-workers where they go. Referrals are everything!
  • Pay attention when your hair is being dried and styled. Ask for step-by-step advice on recreating the look at home. This part is essential. It's all too easy to sit back in the stylist's chair and zone out or gossip while you're being worked on. Not good! Snap out of it and pay attention.
  • Give yourself time to get used to your new style. Your hair might go into shock after a drastic change. You may not be accustomed to seeing yourself with a different color/style. Don't panic if you don't love your cut/color immediately. Change can be jarring at first!
Ok--now I need to call my salon and get myself rescheduled...NOW!


Posey said...

I have naturally curly hair. Not tight spirals, but bigger ringlets. I love my curly hair when it is supppppeeeerrr long, but i hate my curly hair when it is shorter than my bra strap in the back. which is always seems to be because i cant get my dang hair to grow.
My hair is ALWAYS medium-long(a few inches below my shoulders) and always has layers. boring! I really want to get my hair permanently striaghtened. We shall see. maybe one day!

GlossMenagerieDotCom said...

Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the blogging community! I have nominated you for a triple award...


phairhead said...

bangs bangs bangs. just my lil' ol' opinion

Krasey Beauty said...

Hey Lydia, I hear ya on the hair woes. I am naturally curly, but more loose curl than ringlets at my current length. While I can do pretty much anything with makeup, hair is always a problem.

Methinks I need a change.

By the way, first time checking out your blog and I think its great!

I am pretty new to the scene ;)

Tierra said...

Thanks for the post! It is hard to come up with a style of ones own--especially without Jennifer Aniston's full-time stylist(s). I've found some helpful info on this site:

And great hair shears that might inspire a little DIY hair innovation: http://www.salonhive.com/kamisori-black-diamond-hair-scissors.html