Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lipgloss With Benefits!

Here's some information I recently received about a great deal on lipgloss from Kaia House, the leading retailer of natural and organic beauty products in North America.. And if that's not good enough for you, a portion of the lipgloss price goes to humanitarian organizations like The Carter House.

Read on for more information from the folks at Kaia House:

Kaia House is launching the first in our line of organic lipcare products with a twist: Kaia House's Speak Freely for Humanity Vanilla Lip Balms contribute a dollar from each purchase to humanitarian organizations, such as The Carter Center. And they're promotionally priced at just $3 until the end of January!

Founded by former president Jimmy Carter, The Carter Center is dedicated to brokering peace between countries who are at war or at risk of going to war, easing transitions to democracy, and fighting disease such that every individual may have access to the basic human rights of living in peace, safety and health. (Here's a link to a video at for more information:

Please check out our Speak Freely for Humanity Vanilla Lip Balm at ( and Flavored with organic vanilla and made with 87% organic ingredients, this lip balm encourages you to speak freely for humanity and for the environment. It's super smooth and creamy, and packs SPF 15 to boot. Great to moisturize your lips all day long or for use under lipstick or gloss.

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