Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Face on Facebook

I am slowly figuring out all the social networking sites out there. I have a never-used MySpace page that I'm probably going to delete one day, I just started using Twitter, and now I'm getting into the scary world of Facebook. Man...everyone in the world is on Facebook! It's odd how small the world gets with technology.

Anyway, Sephora is also getting in on the "using technology to further their brand" act, and is partnering up with Allure on Facebook for a new sweepstake. Starting tomorrow, January 27th, you can go to Sephora's Facebook Fan Page and vote on your favorite Sephora PRO Beauty Team member. On their Facebook Fan page, you can view videos and interview the Sephora makeup Beauty Pros. When you find your fave, you enter that person's name and you get chance to win.

Here's what's at stake for the Beauty Pros. The winner...the MVP (Most Voted Pro) and the Sweeps winner get:
  • An all expenses paid, three-night stay in San Francisco
  • A trip to Sephora University for the Allure photo shoot
  • A feature in a Summer 2009 issue of Allure Magazine
  • The Allure sweeps winner will receive a complimentary makeover from the winning Sephora artist
  • Plus, the MVP will be awarded their very own monthly blog column on
Man! I would love to win that monthly blog column! Too bad I'm not a Sephora Beauty Pro team member!

Anyway, go over and visit Sephora's Facebook page and be sure to vote before February 10th. You could win some exciting stuff and help out your favorite Beauty Pro!

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phairhead said...

I'm on facebook sadly. :O