Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Lady Fabulous

Yesterday was an incredible day. It was inspiring and emotional to watch the inauguration. I am feeling hopeful about the future now that President Obama is in charge. And how exciting that he's bringing a dynamic, young, energetic family to D.C. with him. It's going to be interesting to watch the Obama girls grow up, and I know we're all going to be looking to Michelle Obama and talking about her fashion choices. We have a First Lady with style back in the White House.

Today, I am going to give you some hints on how to get two Michelle Obama-inspired looks. Two suggested inaugural makeup looks, created by her longtime friend and makeup artist Ingrid Grimes-Myles, were inspired by chic and classic neutrals for daytime and high-society glam with deep, rich purples for evening. (Note: illustrations below courtesy of Stuart McKenzie/

Now you can recreate the elegant yet effortless look of Mrs. Obama by following these how-to makeup application tips from Ingrid and new product recommendations:

All suggested product available at Beauty 360, CVS/pharmacy’s new prestige beauty store. (
10-minute Face for Day

  1. Begin with a cream foundation for all over coverage, using concealer under the eye and where needed. Follow with a pressed powder.
  2. Contour with a powder that is a shade and a half darker then your natural skin tone. Apply on the sides of nose, from the ear to below the cheek and around temples and forehead. Blend well.
  3. Apply a blush in a raisin shade on the cheeks, then add bronzer where the sun would naturally tan the face.
  • Keep your skin glowing with a healthy diet, exercise, a diligent skincare regimen and make sure to keep your brushes clean.
  • Using a contour powder about one and a half shades darker than your skin can add definition and create a more polished look, especially for important events.
  1. Use a neutral shadow all over lid in a yellow or bisque shade. Then apply a coordinating earth tone, such as a nutmeg, in the crease and along the lower lid and blend.
  2. Apply a soft brown liner at the lash line and bottom lid, keep it subtle. For more impact, add a black liner to the top lash line.
  3. Finish with black mascara
  • Brows are the workhorse of the face. Shape your brows so they start above the inner eye, arch at the end of the eye iris. Fill in with a pencil where needed.
  1. Line with a neutral, mahogany shade and fill in the whole lip, layering two-three colored pencils.
  2. Add a coordinating lipstick or gloss on top for some sheen.
  • Layering liners before lipstick helps make the color last all day.
Suggested Products

Skin Prep
  • Cleanser: Ahava Cleansing Milk $24.00
  • Moisturizer: Sampar Barely There Moisture Fluid $45.00
  • Face Prep: Borba HD Light Effects Serum, $50
  • Lip: Borba Cashmere Fiber Lip Kit $10.50
  • Primer: Laura Geller Spackle: Under Make-up Primer $23.00
  • Foundation: Laura Geller Phenomenal Foundation in Deep $36.50
  • Concealer: Laura Geller Crease-Less Concealer in Deep $23.50
  • Pressed Powder: Paula Dorf Pressed Powder in Pecan $30.00
  • Contour Powder: Mineral Essence Deep Dark with red to blue undertones (D3) $22.00
  • Blush: Paula Dorf Cheek Color in Sweet Cheeks $20.00
  • Bronzer: Laura Geller Bronze-N-Brighten in Regular $29.50
  • POP Beauty Blush Cake in Natural in Nudes $18.00
  • Mineral Essence Blush in Glamour or Elegance $16.00, $18.00
  • Neutral Shadow: Model Co. ColourBox Eye Shadow in Seychelles $20
  • Earth Tone Shadow: Model Co. ColourBox Eye Shadow in Portofino $20
  • Mineral Essence Blush in Glamour or Elegance, $16.00, $18.00
  • Eye Liner: Laura Geller Eye Liner in Mocha $15.50
  • Liquid Eye Liner: Bloom Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black $23.00
  • Mascara: Fusion Beauty - Lash Fusion in Black $39.00
  • Brows: Model Co. EyeBrowz Designer Brow Kit $38.00
  • Lip Liner: Paula Dorf Lip Liner in Retro $19.00
  • Lip Liner Base: Paula Dorf Lip Liner in Rendezvous & Poetry $19.00 each
  • Lipstick: Laura Geller Lip in Coral Chiffon $15.50
  • Lip Gloss: Model Co. Disco Lights in Wow Pink $24.00
  • Marina Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Sandcastle or Manila Mango $22.00
  • It Cosmetics Pencils Dual Ended for Lip in Attract and Energy $22.00
  • BLOOM Lip Definer $15.00
After 5- Face for Evening

Repeat steps from 10-Minute Face
  1. Add subtle shimmer on the brow bone
  2. Pump up cheek color to complement your color of dress
  3. Add bronzer above the cheek
  • Try products that combine 7-8 shades in one pressed powder for a more natural blended look.
  1. Add shadow with a deeper pigment and more prominent color and blend into the crease and lid for more drama.
  2. Apply a charcoal or dark navy shadow from the lash line up, from the inner eye out and blend over lid for a smoky look.
  3. Apply a strip of lashes to the top lash line.
  4. Line the top and bottom lid with a liquid eye liner to make them really pop.
  • Lash strips are easier to apply then individual lashes.
  1. Add more gloss for high shine in the evening.
  • When creating a smoky eye, keep the lip a more neutral tone, avoid bright colors.
Suggested Products

  • Shimmer: Model Co. Model Co -Luminosity Highlighting Serum $32.00
  • Blush: Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten in Berry $29.50
  • Bronzer: Model Co. Glow Summer Bronze $36.00
  • Eye Shadow: Mineral Essence in Merlot $15.00
  • Eye Shadow (Lash Line): Paula Dorf Eye Color in Hussy $20.00
  • Liquid Eye Liner: Bloom Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black
  • Mascara: Paula Dorf Lash Color in Licorice $19.00
  • Lipstick: Paula Dorf Color Sheer in Innocence $20.00
  • Lip Gloss: Paula Dorf Lip Slides in Petal $20.00


Smirking Cat said...

I love that picture of the Obamas. She looks so strong, and he looks completely, hopelessly infatuated with her :)

fantastic said...

i must know..if you're in the same neck of the woods as i am, then how are you making it out to CVS stores?!

Lydia said...

Fantastic: I do live in non-CVS zone of the world, but am from the east coast. I have a contact at CVS. ;)

fantastic said...

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