Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saved BEFORE The Bell at Sephora!

Hear that? That's time ticking away if you're one of the many last minute holiday shoppers. I told you about some great products over at Whole Foods, but don't forget to head over to your local lifesaver, Sephora.

The holidays are officially just days away, so make sure you have all your gifts and treats in tow! From makeup-packed palettes to delicious skincare sets and sweet fragrances, Sephora comes to the rescue of every last-minute shopper.

Pick up these presents in a pinch:

Sephora Brand Super Shimmer Set
($22) – Ten sparkling lip glosses that shine your pout to pucker perfection.

Giorgio Armani’s Armani Code Gift Set ($55) – A seductive signature fragrance for him in a toilette spray, shower gel, and after shave balm.

Tarte The Vanity Limited Edition Palette ($52) – This gorgeous three-tiered makeup palette contains everything you need to create endless holiday looks.

Sephora Brand Holiday Butters Trio Gift Set ($16) – The perfect stocking stuffer, this tantalizing trio of rich, lightly scented body creams come in two flavorful sets.

LaVanila – The Healthy Candle
($32) – Infused with pure essential oils for an uplifting fragrance and a healthy glow throughout the season.

Dylan’s Chocolate Cupcake Collection ($16 - $22) – Savor the delicious flavor of this mouth-watering bath and body collection.

Aquolina Pink Sugar Shimmer Nights Set
($60) – A playful blend of vanilla and caramel scents in a toilette spray, roll-on perfume and lip gloss.

Bare Escentuals Ruby Collection ($54) – The ultimate luxury, this nine-piece makeup collection is infused with real ruby powder.

Sephora Scent Sampler for Her ($50) – Let her decide! This kit includes 10 deluxe samples of Sephora's most sizzling scents for her plus a gift voucher for a full sized bottle of her favorite!

Sephora Gift Card ($25 - $250) – Solve your gift-giving indecision! The card—tucked in a white glitter-specked, mirrored compact— can be redeemed in store, online or through any Sephora catalog.

And, don’t forget to surprise your friends and family with an early gift, an adorable Sephora Mistletoe Makeover eCard. Just place their pretty faces on one of four animated costumes, work your makeover magic and send away! So cute you’ll want to send it to everyone on your list, plus it’s free! Available through the holiday season at

Grab these limited-edition goodies before time runs out! These gift ideas and more are available at all Sephora stores, by calling 1-877-Sephora or by logging onto


V. Higgins said...

The BE Ruby collection is great for fall/winter color palette. I totally recommend it.

fantastic said...

just made my trip yesterday ;) got my free (or i think we're led to believe it's free...500 points later!) sephora mini makeup palette! yay, someone's getting a "free gift" this christmas!

Make Up & Skin Care said...

Lovely & informative blog. Shall we link each other?

Merry X'mas & Happy New Year in advance!


Lydia said...

Fantastic and Makeup and Skin Care: I've added both of your blogs to the "Links to Keep You Beautiful" section of my blog! :)

fantastic said...

i'm adding you too...thanks lydia ;)
hope you're not too snowed in!

Anonymous said...

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