Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Face for Home Shopping

Ok, quick...if I mention the Home Shopping Network (HSN) what is the first thing you think of? For me, it's usually someone selling jewelry or pots and pans, things I either cannot afford or do not need.

Well, now HSN is branching out and changing their image a bit.

HSN has just launched a new website called Faces of Beautiful You that showcases webisodes features three college-aged girls. In each episode, the girls face the normal lifetime dilemmas (like getting ready for a blind date) and use some really great beauty products in the process. Click here to check it out.

In the first two episodes, the following products are featured. Here are my thoughts on them!

Ready to Wear Lash Extension, $22.50.
: False eyelashes in a bottle! Enjoy the ease and convenience of Ready To Wear's Lash Extension. This beauty treatment in black delivers longer, fuller, thicker and healthier-looking lashes in seconds.

My take
: I am awful at applying fake lashes, but getting the Ready to Wear extensio
ns on was pretty easy (no adhesives!) It gave me a lovely, heavy lash ine and added thickness and lenght to my lashes. If you're not careful with your application, this could be a bit heavy handed looking, but if you know what you're doing, you'll end up with awesome results. Just be patient and try it out a few time. My advice: have a makeup brush and a brow/lash brush at the ready. As a bonus, this washes off with regular old face cleanser. Not too shabby!

Too Faced Naughty and Nice Makeup Palette, $29.50.
Too Faced's Naughty and Nice Makeup Palette beautifully celebrates both extremes of your persona. Feeling a little naughty? Transform yourself into a seductress with the Naughty Girl palette of sexy smoky shades. Is your inner saint clamoring to get out? Go naturally nude with the Nice Girl collection of toasty caramels and sugary beiges. Our very special beauty kit is brimming with 6 eye shadows, 6 lip glosses and a double-ended applicator.

My take: I have nothing but good things to say about Too Faced products! They are usually always packeaged in a cute and interesting way and I love their whole "pin up" flair. I have a love/hate relationship with palette sets. I like them for eye and cheek colors, but I personally don't like to drag around my entire palette just to touch up m
y lips. That said, this palette is compact and contains some lovely shades. I would wear the "nice" colors more frequently than the "naughty" colors, but still....this palette is a lot of fun and is pretty high quality. This would make a great gift!

Eyes By Design The Ultimate Set, $59.95
Ultimate Eye Set is brimming with all of the EYES BY DESIGN essentials in full sizes, making this the ultimate beauty purchase! Choose from Blue, Brown, Green or Hazel eye palettes. Contains: Transforming Eye Cream, Retouching Eye Cream, Transforming Eye Palette, Volumizing Mascara, Lining Brush, Blending Brush, Illustrated Guide.

My take: This is my favorite of the three products featured in the first two episodes of Faces of Beautiful You. You're getting a lot of product for the dollar, and the products are of exceptional quality. I've had a lot of readers ask me how to put on their eyeshadow, and honestly, the illustrated guide and the products in this kit are all you'll need to accent your eye color and attain many different looks. This rocks!

Click over to HSN's Faces of Beautiful You site and watch some of the webisodes. And don't forget to consider HNS for your future beauty purchases!


Anonymous said...

God, I wish the stores shipped a little faster...with all of Seattle's snow, I can't get out of my neighborhood because I don't have a car and the buses are all shot to shit.

Guess some people are getting late presents this year...

Lydia said...

And to make matters worse, I didn't get mail one day this week and a few packages currently being shipped have been delayed. This snow SUCKS! We live in Washington State--we're supposed to have rain. What gives?