Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beautifully Stuffed Stockings

One of my favorite parts of Christmas morning is tearing into my stocking. As I kid, my mom filled our stockings with small toys, office supplies (which I have an unhealthy obsession to!), and makeup products. Even though the gifts were small in size and value, it was always fun to see what my mother found for us.

Makeup products make for the perfect stocking stuffers since they're small and fun. However, if you're not careful, a well-equipped stocking could set you back a pretty penny. Well, I'm here to help! You don't need to spend the equivalent of a month's car payment to have a fab beauty inspired stocking.

Consider some of these products or get them all for about $75 (note: prices are approximate and don't include tax, shipping, etc.)!
  • Winter means dry skin, and dry hands in particular. Add Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Hand Cream to a stocking for soft, smooth hands smooth all winter long. $7.00
  • Nail care products are ideal for stockings. Pick up a new nail clipper from Revlon for $3, a funky-printed nail file from Tweezerman for $5, Salon Formula nail polish remover for $3, Sally Hansen cuticle cream for $5, and a trendy, crazy bottle of polish from NYC (New York Color) for $1.
  • Don't forget the feet! Pick up a pack of Earth Theraputic's Tea Tree Oil Foot Wipes for $5.25 (I love those things!), a pumice stone for $1.50, and a travel-size of Bath and Body Works foot cream for $6
  • For the bath, try a fancy bar of Cranberry Shimmer Soap from the Body Shop for $3.50, a sisal bath mitt from Earth Theraputics for $3, a super-cute Snowman Bath Bomb from Lush for $4, and a retro-inspired bottle of Mr. Bubble bubble bath for $3.
  • If you want to add a cult-fave to your stocking, add a tube of the ubiquitous Burt's Bees Lip Balm for $3. Or, in keeping with the Mr. Bubble feel of things, why not pick up a tube of Bonnie Bell's Strawberry Lip Smackers for $2.30.
  • And finally, add a few tools to your stocking. Pick up a Revlon eyelash curler for $5, a mini brush set for $6, mini tweezers from Tweezerman for $9, and a small makeup bag for $4.

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