Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beautiful Bettie

A true, original style icon died a few days ago: Bettie Page. If you don't know her name or why she as famous, you are no doubt familiar with her signature look.

When she was in her prime, Bettie worked as a pin-up model titillating men by showing off her curvy, feminine body and her unique sense of style. It was the mid 1950s, and Bettie's look reflects that time period. She was sexy as hell but also soft and almost innocent.

Though it's been five decades since Bettie was doing her thing, her look is still relevant and intriguing today.

Here are some tips for get Bettie's beauty look for yourself:

Bettie's hair is her most recognizable trademark. She kept her bangs heavy and level in the front, but curved off on the sides. Though her hair was jet black, her signature hairstyle looks great in all hair colors. (Just look to modern pop tarts like Christina Aguilera for examples!) Also: if you're wanting to create a vintage look, try adding cute hair accessories like bows or kerchiefs or a sparkly, fancy barrette or two.

Simplicity is the word here. Bettie's skin was flawless. The eyes should be kept very neutral, though adding the luxurious and seductive look of false lashes would be very appropriate. Bettie's look was all about the lips. Cherry red lipstick with minimal shimmer is what you want. Try out Nars lipstick in Red Lizard or Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Cha Cha Cherry. Whatever you do, be sure to apply your makeup with care. Bettie's look is simple perfection and sloppiness just will not do!

If you want to dress like Bettie, there are plenty of vintage stores and websites that can help you out. Opt for fishnets and pencil skirts, and by all mean, don't shy away from heels or animal prints!

Bettie Page was an absolute original and we've lost a true icon. RIP, Bettie Page!

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