Sunday, October 26, 2008

Save Your Pennies

Times are tough, economically speaking. The Dow Jones seems to hit a new low every week, and the news is filled with scary stories about people losing their homes, their jobs, their entire savings accounts. Because we're tightening up our budgets, many of you may be wondering where you can save on beauty treatments.

Thanks to the editors at Allure, here are a few hints on when to save and when to splurge:

Splurge on: Professional brow-shaping. The pros can work magic on shabby brows but you can keep costs down by plucking stray hairs that pop up between visits.
Scrimp on: Brow products. You can use your inexpensive eyeliner to lightly fill in your brows or find a drugstore-brand brow pencil to give your brows a better shape.
Skip: Brow gel. You can use Vaseline to keep crazy brows in place. Or pick up some cheap clear mascara to coat your brows. One word of caution: the mascara may flake a bit, so be prepared!

Splurge on: Anti-aging creams if you need the help. Try to get something containing retinoids to help reduce wrinkles and increase firmness. If you really want the most bang for your buck, visit a dermatologist and get a prescription-strength treatment.
Scrimp on: Expensive treatments. Instead of a professional peel at a doctor's office, try an at-home microderm abrasion kit. Just be sure to use the product regularly to achieve the maximum benefit.
Skip: Facials. They don't do much any way. Just be sure to wash your face regularly, use your daily moisturizer, and don't forget the SPF!

Splurge on: Highlights. You cannot achieve the same rich, high-definition highlight at home that you get in the salon. If you need to save a few bucks, opt for a partial foil rather than a full color/foil. Just having the highlights around your face will brighten up your look.
Scrimp on: Shampoo. Really cheap shampoos only contain cleaning agents that may strip your hair of moisture and shine. But shampoos in the $5 range are all you really need: they clean and moisturize perfectly. The same goes for hair products. Stay in the middle of the price range and you should be a-okay!
Skip: Salon blowouts. Unless you have a special occasion to go to, you don't need to have a pro do your hair for you. When your in the salon getting your highlights and cut, ask your stylist to show you how to blowout your own hair. Try out a few things like flatirons and large Velcro rollers to add volume to your hair.

For tips on whether to spend or splurge on makeup products, click here for one of my very first still has some good info!


Jezebel VonTizzle said...

hello ms. lydia!!

at what age should a woman use anti aging cream? Im really bad about taking care of my face. I dont take my makeup off everynight, i dont moisturize, oh and i dont use sunscreen (i know, i know)...can you provide me with a fairly inexpensive direction for my skin?

much love to you! miss you hot stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hey, just thought I would swing by and correct something in this post. Facials are actually really beneficial and should not be forgotten. Yes, they are not something you need all the time but, depending on your skin, you could get them once a month two twice a year. Here is what they do: First, they open you up to buying better products, like dermilogica, which you can not find in drug stores so you have to see your skin therapist to get them. Two, they stimulate blood flow and muscle relaxation. Three, a skin therapist is better suited to telling you what your skin is needing so you don't go wasting you're money on junk that wont help. Finally, a skin therapist use stronger products that even they can sell you, not to mention machines that can actually help reverse wrinkling or blast oxygen into those nasty clogged pores. So if you have aged skin, to not that can be anyone over 25, or acne prone skin... DO NOT SKIP YOUR FACIAL!

Smirking Cat said...

Hmmm...I really doubt anyone has expired from skipping a facial. Most beauty treatments and indulgences are more psychological than actual. I know most people have to tell me they just had something done; it's not like I can notice, so how much was that really worth?