Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rest Your Weary Eyes, Part 2

Yesterday I told you about eyeSlices, a new product to relax your eyes. Today I'm going a little higher-tech with the Eye-Soothe Tension Relieving Mask.

What it does: Warm/cool massaging eye mask soothes away tension and pain. The Eye-Soothe mask uses Air Inflation Technology to gently massage around eyes, forehead and sinuses, alleviating pressure and working away stress. Removable gel insert can be chilled to provide a gentle, cooling sensation or warmed for soothing heat therapy. 15-minute auto shutoff timer. Includes storage pouch. Uses three AA batteries (not included).

What I liked: The minute you put this thing on, you're forced into relaxation. The mask provides instant darkness and encourages you to close your eyes, sit back, and let your mind drift away. Air inflates around the eyes providing varying amounts of pressure. The building up and then the releasing of the air pressure provides stress relief and feels pretty good. After using the mask, I felt relaxed and revived.

What I didn't like: The air filling up and then releasing in the mask is a little noisy, which could harsh my mellow if I let it.

Overall: Not bad! I think this would feel good if I had a sinus headache, because it does make me feel better when I'm not suffering from congestion or head pains.

Price/availability: Available at Brookstone for $50.

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