Sunday, October 19, 2008

New for Your Nails

We're all trying to save money these days. One great way to save some coin is to do your own manicure and/or pedicure at home. But there's no need to suffer with lesser products. Splurge just a bit by buying a higher-quality nail color from OPI or Essie.

OPI is going for a touch of luxury this fall! They're introducing their Designer Series: 11 new shades of nail lacquer and top coat infused with diamond dust to give you a perfect finish. Sorry: I don't have a great photo of the new shades, but let me tell you that they have an amazing amount of shimmer and come in classic colors that will make your nails look great this fall/winter. Here are the names/color components for you to look for at your local Ulta, Trade Secret, etc.:
  • DS Coronation: slivery platinum
  • DS Opulence: mauve
  • DS Reflection: ruby
  • DS Limited: warm peach
  • DS Treasure: golden coral
  • DS Illuminate: burnished gold
  • DS Classic: golden beige
  • DS Jewel: cabaret
  • DS Tapestry: deep rose
  • DS Reserve: vintage pink
  • DS Extravagance: magenta
If I were buying on of these lacquers, I'd pick either DS Tapestry or DS Jewel.

Essie's winter line is now out and it is full of all the rich hues we all love about winter. Again, I don't have a great photo of the new lacquers, but here are the names/colors to check out:
  • Bold and Beautiful: ruby garnet
  • Damsel in a Dress: deep currant
  • It's Genius: shimmery violet-quartz
  • Rock Star Skinny: crimson red
  • Sexy Divide: purpley blue
  • Shifting Power: molten gold
My faves from Essie: either It's Genius or Sexy Divide.

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Anonymous said...

I love OPI's purple shade. It's so pretty.