Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Top 10 Hair Color Myths Debunked!

Almost every woman I know colors her hair. Hair color really makes a look, but how much do we think about hair color and our color/style influences?

Thanks to the good folks at Wella, here are the Top 10 Hair Color Myths Debunked:
  1. For the best hair color advise, talk to your friends. FALSE! Having a consultation with a hair professional is essential to getting a great color. Your colorist will take your skin tone, eye color, lifestyle, and current trends into consideration to give you the best look possible.
  2. Highlights are taking over the beauty industry. TRUE! 46% of women getting a color treatment opt for highlights. I get a partial foil when I get my hair colored and I love the results. Wella has recently launched a new highlighting technique called Cosmic Blonde that results in a unique shimmery cool-warm blend of highlights.
  3. Coloring your hair makes it appear less healthy. FALSE! Newly colored hair looks shinier and thicker, since color saturates the hair and makes it look fuller.
  4. The main reason women don't color their hair is because they don't want to change their natural color. TRUE! Here's a sad confession: I am not entire sure what my natural color is. I know I am still blonde, but I think I am a much darker blonde than I am now. I think a lot of women who don't color also don't want to get involved in the constant process of having to maintain their colored hair.
  5. Consumers don't know the difference between semi, demi, and permanent hair color. TRUE! Hey, I am a beauty blogger and I still have to think about it! Here's the rule of thumb: semi-permanent lasts 1-3 weeks; demi-permanent lasts 4-6 weeks, and permanent color lasts until it grows out.
  6. Consumers don't think it's important to get to know their colorist. FALSE! Women do get it! The better they know their colorist, and the better their colorist knows them, the better their final look will be.
  7. Professional products designed for color-treated hair help maintain color between salon visits. TRUE! If you invest a ton of money into your hair color, the last thing you want to do is ruin it with a harsh shampoo that will strip away your color. Look for products that are designed for color-treated hair to extend the life of your color.
  8. Hair must be colored every four weeks. FALSE! It all depends on how your hair grows, how it takes to the color, and how you maintain your look. Stylists usually recommend getting your hair done every 6-8 weeks. I've been know to just get my hair done 4 times a year! Oops! What can I say? I'm a busy woman!
  9. Celebrities and magazines are most influential in what new service/technique a customer may want to try. FALSE! While we are a culture obsessed with celebrity, we tend to trust our colorists/stylists. They are trained professionals who stay abreast of current hair trends...plus they actually know how to make a trend fit a client's hair/lifestyle.
  10. Hair color can make you feel better about your overall appearance. TRUE! Most women feel more attractive after getting a new cut/color. I must admit, a few hours in the salon really make ME feel prettier!
I don't know about you, but I'm feeling the need for a hair appointment!


phairhead said...

I couldn't agree more w/ yr last statement. i feel like a sex bomb w/ my new colour!

mjude said...

its been ages since i have been here! cant even explain that. today i was going to email you about salon shampoo & your thoughts about cheap ones. much to my suprise you have a top 10 hair color myths! i just got my hair colored at the salon in over a year. i have always hated doing it myself ( i suck at it). now i just need to convice myself to buy expensive shampoo?

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