Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Introducing Thi Cosmetics

Attention all my readers of Asian descent: there is an online cosmetics company dedicated to solving the beauty dilemmas many Asian women face. That company? Thi Cosmetics.

Thi Cosmetics is a line of luxury products that celebrate Asian beauty. West Coast makeup artist, Taylor Pham, has created a line of goods and tools that is inspired by specific regions or stories from Asian culture. By celebrating diversity in beauty, Thi Cosmetics hopes to empower women to feel sexy and confident in their own skin.

Oh, and if you aren't Asian, you can still enjoy some of their lovely products. Here are two big highlights from the Thi line:
  • Seamless White Tea Foundation: combining ingredients like bamboo, white tea, and ginseng extracts, this foundation provides not only a silky smooth complexion, but also long-lasting antioxidant benefits. The lightweight foundation creates a healthy, flawless face!
  • Lush Lashes: To enhance the look of smaller eyes, you must try Thi's Lush Lashes. These artificial lashes are designed to better emulate real lashes than other products on the market. Each package of lashes contains various lengths, so the final look is easy to customize. Thanks to a unique application process, Lush Lashes don't look fake around the lash line.

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