Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Quickies!

Wow! What a week I just got through. I worked overtime every day (Monday through Friday) and then had to pull a full day on Saturday. I'm exhausted, I'm sick of computers, and I'm fed up with florescent lighting and bosses who know no boundaries between work and life. And the sad part is that things won't be letting up for me any time soon. I am going to do my best to keep the blog moving along without interruption, but there may be absences every now and then throughout August.

My thoughts are scattered right now, so I am just going to give you a few little morsels of beauty product advice to keep you all sated. Here's goes:

I'm giving away some Anastasia brow products. A winner will be picked tomorrow, so enter NOW! Click here for details.

The other day, I posted an entry about overly expensive beauty products that I refuse to try because I am far too cheap. In that post, I mentioned that I've never bought GoSMILE products, and many of you agreed. GoSMILE makes insanely expensive oral hygiene products, including "designer" toothpastes in flavors like lemon and mango. One tube of their toothpaste can cost as much as $16! $16!!!'s a way to save some cash and use fancy-pants toothpaste at the same time. Try out Crest Whitening Expressions. For less than $4 a tube, you can brush your teeth with good-for-you whitening toothpastes in yummy "designer" flavors like Wintergreen Ice, Extreme Herbal Mint, Refreshing Vanilla Mint, or (my personal favorite) Cinnamon Rush. See? You CAN add some luxury to your daily toothbrushing routine without spending a ton of money. Take THAT GoSMILE!

From now until August 15th, for every two Boots products you purchase on you will get one free! And if you purchase $50 or more, shipping is free. Boots, the British drugstore that makes a whole line of skincare and beauty products, has some great stuff. I love their lip balm and their Quick Thinking 4-in-1 face wipes. Check out CVS, stock up and SAVE on some high quality beauty goods! You'll be happy you did.

  • My friend and fellow blogger, Phairhead just indulged in some retail therapy at The Body Shop and wants you to do the same. Click here to find out why.
  • There are a lot of revolutionary changes in the mascara world. I've been wanting to write about this for a while but have just not had time. Thankfully, the Beauty Bug has been mascara obsessed as of late. Click here to read about what changes you can expect to see in the wonderful world of mascara.
  • Allure is giving away tons of free stuff and Lipstick Graffiti wants you to win. Click here for details.
Ok...that's it for now. Check back tomorrow and later in the week for more beauty news!

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