Monday, August 18, 2008

Smoky Eye 101

The smoky eye is one of the most dominant trends for eyes. It's been around forever and only seems to gain popularity each season. It can be dramatic, it can be classic, it can be fun, and it is almost always sexy.

Once you master the basic techniques of applying the smoky eye look, try playing around with different colors to make a look all your own.

Here's how to do a classic, sultry smoky eye.

  • Concealer and loose face powder
  • Eye primer (optional)
  • Black or dark brown eyeliner pencil
  • Two shades of eyeshadow, one lighter, one darker but both in the same color family (for a classic look, stay with neutral shades)
  • Eyeshadow brushes
  • Q-tip or sponge-tipped brush
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara
  1. Use the concealer lightly around your eyes to cover up any dark circles or discoloration. Apply, but don't blend in, loose powder under you eyes. This excess powder will help catch any shadow that falls off during application.
  2. If you feel it necessary, apply an eyelid primer. A primer is not necessary, but may help avoid creases and slippage throughout your wear.
  3. Apply eyeliner to the upper and lower eye area. Smudge the pencil into your lash line on your top lid. For your lower lid, smudge the pencil so it makes a thick, soft hint of color around the lower, outer part of your eye. Smudging is essential to the smoky eye, so work on your technique! Try using a Q-tip or sponge-tipped applicator to control the smudge.
  4. Apply your lighter color over you lip. Be sure to sweep the lighter color up to your brow bone, under your eyebrow arch. This is your base color, and you can even sweep it down the corner of your eyelid, slightly down the side of your nose and under your eye (optional).
  5. Now it's time for the drama: applying the darker color. With an eyeshadow brush, sweep your darker color from your lash line to the crease in your eyelid. Be sure to blend the color into your eyeliner, working in an upward direction. Also make sure to stop at the crease--don't go too far up to the brow bone! You want that area highlighted!
  6. If any of the dark powder falls on to your cheek, use the loose powder to quickly sweep it away.
  7. Before you touch your mascara, take some time to review your work. Is the color even on both eyes? Do you need to do any clean up? Are your brow bones highlighted to your liking? Make any adjustments now!
  8. Curl your upper lashes and apply the mascara of your choice.
  9. Viola! You have lovely smoky eyes! You rock.
  • The smoky eye can be a lot of look, so be sure to pair it with a nude lip. You want the rest of your face to be as neutral as possible. Try an apricot shade of blush and a neutral lip color.
  • For a fun look, try a colored eyeliner or mascara (blue mascara will really make your look pop!).
  • Be sure to keep your brows neat and under control. Sparse or sloppy brows will destroy this look.
You can use whatever you like, but here are my faves for getting this look:

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