Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shear Genius: Are We There Yet?

Ok, maybe it's just me, but I am getting Shear Genius fatigue. And after this week's episode, I officially don't care who wins. Just hand Charlie the title, the check, and let's move on.

Here's a recap of the latest episode....not an enthusiastic recap, but a recap nonetheless.

The remaining four stylists had to work on twins. Identical twins with the exact same hairstyle. The goal was to make each twin unique, to have each twin stand out as an individual. Wow. As I sit here writing this, I have almost no memory of the short cut challenge! I know I watched it, but I'm completely blanking on the details. I have no memory of what Charlie did. I think crazy-eyed Dee gave her twins purple hair--one had purple highlights, one had purple underneath. Meh. Her styles had no chance of winning. Daniel had blondes to work with--he made one blonder than the other. Nicole made one of her twins blonde and the other twin a brunette. Apparently I was not blown away by anyone's work, but Nicole won the challenge with her rather obvious solution to the challenge. And with her win, she won immunity and was guaranteed a spot in the final three.

I had a huge problem with the whole immunity thing. The stakes are too high at this level of the competition, and to give someone immunity from a short cut challenge? That seemed a bit much. Why even bother having Nicole compete in the elimination challenge? Grrr!

Ah, it was the photo shoot episode. The stylists had to work with a moody photographer to make a model look amazing for a fabricated photo shoot. Dee gave her model a really bad haircut, complete with too short bangs and lifeless strips of color. Charlie made romantic hair that easily turned into ratted out "avant guard" hair with a few strokes of the comb. Nicole? Who cares...she was immune so I'm not even going to bother talking about her. And Daniel made a few missteps by adding a red braid to his model and by making his hair too structured in the back.

Now here comes the really bad part: Daniel lost the challenge and was sent home to Dallas with his Aqua Net. Naturally Charlie won. I was surprised. I thought for sure crazy-eyed Dee would be going home. The judges described her model as having a "village idiot" look because of the super short bangs.

So now it's all down to Nicole, Dee, and Charlie. It seems that Shear Genius is just handing the prize to Charlie. If he can't beat Nicole and Dee, I'll be shocked. But at this point, I am just looking forward to the whole thing being over with!

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