Monday, August 04, 2008

Oh Ricky You're So Fine!

I am hopeless when it comes to styling my hair. I usually just wear it down or, if I'm feeling the need for a change, I throw it into a quick pony tail. When I was a kid I did ballet which meant my hair was often pulled tightly into buns and shellacked in place or it was put into pretty little braids with bows that matched my outfits. I was too precious. Maybe bad memories of crazy hair styles has resulted in a mental block of sorts: I am unskilled in hair styling because I had so much hair trauma as a child. Sounds about right.

But how your hair looks is important. It's a fashion statement that can make or break a look. So how best to style it? Ricky's NYC, the beauty shop in the Big Apple that Harper's Bazaar refers to as a "beauty utopia" has hair products/accessories to help you look your best...and at a reasonable price!

For the greasy hair days: Cover up the roots with one of Ricky’s Care Wide Head bands. They come in a bunch of nice neutral colors, and they will only set you back $3.99. For a more dramatic look (or for longer roots) try one of Ricky’s Care Feather Weight Headbands, also $3.99.

For the last minute invite from your ex: Give your volume a bit of a boost with Ricky’s Care 3” Ceramic Rollers ($3.99 for 3). To secure their grip support Use Ricky’s Stainless Duckbill Clips ($4.99 for 6).

For the Gym (or for going the grocery store in your gym outfit): Pin your bangs back with a Rubberized Snap Clip ($4.99 for 4), or Rubberized Butterfly Clips ($4.99 for 3). Both of these come in snappy colors like Silver, Gold, Navy, Brown, & Black.

For the days you want to try something new: How about wearing your hair up in a sophisticated chignon? Do it with the help of Ricky’s Care U-Pins which come in colors to match your hair. ($2.99 for 30). Or maybe you want to new twist on an old ponytail? Do it with Ricky’s Care Bungee cords, which wrap seamlessly into your hair. ($3.99 for 4).

Ricky's products give you good quality for a small price. If you're interested in any of these products, check out their website and call 877-5RickyCare to place an order.


Leslie said...

I never fix my hair. I just can't be bothered. It takes too long to dry.

I also did ballet for years. Oh, those buns! How painful.

Alyson said...

Okay it's official...I am going to Ricky's next time I'm in NYC!

Whenever that is...

Ginnbelle said...

Are you not able to order on their website?

Lydia said...

Leslie: Ballet taught me great posture but also made hate over stylized hair. You probably agree!

Alyson: I know! I am planning a trip to NYC in April and must make a stop in!

Ginnbell: I think they're working on the website but I couldn't find an online store. They have real stores in NY, FL, and NJ and CT (I think). They're products are great so if you want to order, the best thing to do is call that number. Bummer! It's so last century!