Sunday, August 03, 2008

Introducing Isomers

There are so many different cosmetics companies out there, and many of them sell interesting products that I've never heard of. One such company I am getting to know is Isomers Laboratory. According to their website, Isomers is "dedicated to the Science of ageless Beauty, cutting-edge research and development, and scientifically-developed formulas using the best ingredients available. The means to maintain your unique beauty, and the tools to defy the signs of aging! All to empower you to discover your most beautiful self – from healthy inside to glowing outside!"

Here are a few of my favorite Isomers products I've been trying out. If you're interested, head over to Isomer's online store to order:
  • Eyelash Protein Conditioning Treatment: Did you know your eyelashes need conditioning? I didn't! This easy to apply product contains amino acids, proteins, and other nourishing ingredients that help lengthen, thicken, and protect lashes. Great lashes are always in style and this treatment will help you get them. I've used this every night for a week. In the morning I notice my lashes seem to be more defined. Not bad!
  • R Pur Eyes: This is an intensive slurry of potent skin enhancing elements and key peptides that address the entire eye contour area, including dark circles, fine wrinkles, eyelid flaccidity, puffiness, lower eyelid fat pads, firming; and smoothing. You only need to use a tiny drop, but it goes a long way! It absorbs into the area around the eyes, leaving no sticky, nasty residue like some eye treatments.
  • Moisture Mist: This is by far my favorite Isomers product. You spray this on your skin before applying moisturizer to get more minerals and goodness into your skin. The result? A very refreshing spritz on your skin (especially nice during summer), not to mention softer, glowing skin. Did I mention I love this product?
Isomers makes so many interesting products to keep you beautiful head to toe. Along with skin care products, they also sell cosmetics, products for men, and nutritional supplements. They're a one-stop beauty shop! Check them out.

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