Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beauty Product of the Week: Outlast

What is it? Cover Girl's Outlast All-Day Lipcolor "gives you beautiful color that really lasts up to 16 hours--through breakfast, lunch and dinner." Available in 41 shades at drugstores for less than $10 for the two-piece set.

What did you think? I've never been a fan of long-lasting lipstick. I remember using it and having the color flake off. I remember my lips feeling very dry. I remember it being difficult to apply. It was with these memories that I approached Outlast. I was leery but hopeful that things had changed in the long-wearing lipstick world.

I was pleasantly surprised. I applied my Adobe Sand according to the directions, and I think this is an essential step. You apply the lipcolor and leave your mouth slightly open for a full minute as the color dries. Once dried, you apply a glossy topcoat any time you need a little more moisture. Because the color is applied with a foam tip (similar to lipgloss), it is easier to use than the older versions of long-wear that came in a lipstick tube. The glossy top coat adds quite a bit of shine and much needed moisture to the lips.

Cover Girl says this product will last up to 16 hours. I am not so sure about that! I wore this during several very long days at work, and my average wear time was somewhere around 10 hours. Not bad, but not 16 hours, that's for sure. The color does seem to fade as the day goes on, and then it rubbed off very easily around dinner.

The final verdict? Surprisingly, I was impressed by Outlast and will continue to use it. There are some tricks to using this product. I think for this to look best and last as long as possible, you have to start off with smooth, exfoliated lips. You must apply it correctly, and you have to apply the clear topcoat throughout the day. If you're willing to do all of this, you'll be rewarded with lipcolor that will look great through your work least in my experience. If you've tried this product, let me know your thoughts!

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Leslie said...

I used Outlast for my wedding. I didn't have to reapply at all. Now I put it on every single day and never have to reapply. I am not big on reapplying makeup throughout the day, though. I give this product a big ol' thumbs up! I don't even have to use the clearcoat stuff.