Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Accent Your Eyes

Yesterday I gave you some pointers on how to achieve the much sought after smoky eye. Staying on the theme of eye makeup 101, today I'll give you pointers on what shades of shadow to buy in order to enhance your eyes.

For a classic look: try the neutrals: browns, beiges, khaki (including khaki green), bronze, copper, and champagne. Try neutrals with a hint of apricot or pink for added color.
For a more fun look: try out bolder greens, vivid tangerines, and deep blues.

FOR GREEN EYES For a classic look: brown (a universally flattering color!), plums, purples, apricots, any color in the khaki family, and even green shades, especially forest green.
For a more fun look: play off your greens by wearing lime or light green. Or go with bright purple or shimmery gold.
For a classic look: browns (yet again!), grays (even black if you're daring), violet, purple, even deep blue (bluer than your natural shade) all look great.
For a more fun look: be daring with turquoise, fuchsia, or silver

A good rule of thumb when selecting an eyeshadow is this: to enhance your eyes, pick a shade that is opposite that color. This will bring out your eyes, making them really pop.

Many cosmetics companies (notably Almay) have palettes especially designed to enhance, compliment, or contrast your eye color.

No matter what, be sure to apply your shadow properly so that it looks it's best. Find a color combination you like and embrace your signature look. The best thing to do is try out many shades of shadow to find what you like best. To do this without breaking the bank, look out for deals on gift packs. They often contain a wide-array of eyeshadow colors for very little money. Sure, these are not the best quality shadows on the market, but they'll give you a chance to try out all sorts of colors.


Lydia said...

I love neutrals on brown eyes!

phairhead said...

Thanks for the tips! I need a butt load of help for the wedding reception.