Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Well THIS Sounds Fishy!

I saw this on the Internet the other day, and now my local news station ran a syndicated story about it.

Apparently, there is a salon in Virginia that uses fish...carp, to be exact...to remove callouses and other hard/scaly skin from your feet. Don't believe me? Click here for the story.

What do you think about this? Would you be willing to plop your tootsies in a tub full of fish at your next pedi? I think it's kinda yucky. It reminds me of the old times when doctors would use leeches for bloodletting to cure what ails you. I just don't think I want to go there. But I guess I can't knock it til I try it, right?


phairhead said...

Here's a crazy and disgusting factoid for you. We used leeches in the hospital, they eat the dead ugly flesh off of people neck wounds. usually post surgical from having their necks ripped open to remove tumors. one of them escaped and tried to eat me.

kawaiikao said...

i actually had this "spa" treatment done in a resort in china. well..i couldn't handle the fishes biting away at my dead skin, it tickled way too much. everyone else however, especially my ex-bf and his dad loved it and emerged their whole bodies in the pond of water. it is said that it's also good for you because the fish eat away all the dead cells and release the oxidants from your body. it was weird to me but the guys' skin was super smooth afterwards!

Miss D said...

Hello new here...YES i'd do it i've got gross callus feet in the first place so if it gets me to pretty feet i'm all for it.