Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wednesday = Shear Genius Night

It's Wednesday and that means it's time once again for another episode of Shear Genius on Bravo.

Before you settle in for tonight's episode, let's recap from week #1:

Twelve fresh and hyper-confident stylists arrived at the Shear Genius Nexxus salon, where they were met for the first time by show host Jaclyn Smith (who looks amazing for 60!) and new judge Kim Vo (master colorist with killer cheek bones!) who assigned the first short cut challenge: to cut and style hair blindfolded. The brave models (wearing safety goggles, of course) told each stylist what look they wanted before the blindfolds went on. Yikes! Can you imagine letting someone come at you with a pair of scissors blindfolded?! After 45-minutes of cutting and styling time (with only minor injuries), Kim selected Nicole and Dee as the top two, with Dee coming in just ahead. Oshun came in last with what Kim called a “butcher job.”

The next day, super hottie Rene Fris (hi! hi!), salon director, joined the competitors in the salon to assign the first elimination challenge: interpretations of famous hairstyles… of cartoons. Clients requested styles of animated icons like Wilma Flintstone, Betty Boop, Jem, Marge Simpson, Judy Jetson, and Lucy from the Peanuts gang. I would have requested Judy Jetson, a fellow blonde. I cannot imagine picking Marge Simpson--as much as I may love her!

The challenge was to create a modern look from their ‘celebrity’ inspiration. Creativity was a main component of the task at hand and the stylists were pushed to think outside the box. At the hair show, Allure editor and new judge Kelly Atterton and guest judge Neeko joined Jaclyn and Kim at the end of the runway. Charlie, Nekisa and Daniel made the top three, but Daniel’s edgy Wilma Flintstone was a cut above the rest. Matthew, Oshun and Gail all failed to impress, and Oshun’s massive ego couldn’t save him from getting "cut." They made the right choice.

The winning hair (shown above), the Wilma Flintstone, was perfection. Here's how to get the look, from my friends over at Shear Genius sponsor, Nexxus:
  • To keep your color looking rich and vibrant, shampoo and condition with protecting products. Try Nexxus Color Assure and Nexxus Color Ensure.
  • Apply Nexxus SleekStyle Crème throughout hair with your hands to lock out frizz. Use a blow-dryer and a large round brush to dry hair straight.
  • Pull top section of hair aside and secure with an elastic. This portion will be used later.
  • Take remaining hair and secure with hair elastic into a high ponytail. Twist ponytail counter-clock-wise into a neat bun. Tuck loose ends in and secure with several bobby pins.
  • Remove elastic from front section of hair. Back comb and tease at crown. Spray with a medium hold hair spray, like Nexxus 360° Volume, to maintain lift.
  • To create a sweeping poof at the crown, gently pull back the teased front section and secure at top of crown with a few bobby pins. Take the loose ends and twist into a dramatic curl. Secure with pins.
  • To finish, lightly mist Nexxus 360° Volume all over hair to lock the style in place and control flyaways.
There you have it! Now you can have a yabba-dabba-DO of your very own!

Be sure to tune in tonight at 10:00 pm on Bravo for more hair raising drama!


David Dust said...

I have a feeling we will see Daniel and Charlie battling it out this season.

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phairhead said...

Hee! when I was 3 I had the Pebbles FLintstone 'do!