Thursday, July 03, 2008

Shear Genius Episode #2 Recap

Just in time for the holiday weekend, a Shear Genius recap AND how to get the winning look!

For episode #2's short cut challenge, the 11 remaining stylists were told to give their long-haired clients a short and flirtatious new style. Last season’s fan favorite and super snarky stylist, Tabitha, returned to guest judge—with trademark sass in tow. She chose Nicole and Charlie as her favorites, and Charlie’s super-short cut, reminiscent of Mia Farrow, came out on top. It was a very cute cut and flattered his client's face shape. Back at the house, booze prompted some of the underperforming stylists to vent. Funny how alcohol plus insecurity can make people a little, well...loquacious.

For the elimination challenge, the stylists were each assigned a cast member from BRAVO’s Real Housewives of Orange County to cut and style. Some of the women proved to be even more difficult than expected, a few even demanding that nothing sharp get near their hair. Can you imagine that? You're acting as the model for a hair stylist and you won't let them CUT your hair? Puh-lease! Leave the drama at home!

Glenn, Dee and Charlie were the judges’ favorites, and Charlie won for the second time that night. Everyone loved the vitality he gave his client’s hair and his use of low and highlights. When Paulo, Gail and Parker were named the bottom three, Daniel started sobbing. Unfortunately, no tears could keep Parker’s severe, age inappropriate ‘do from sending him home. Once again, the judges made the right choice. Ultra black hair without a lot of depth does not flatter very many people. Even I know that and I am clueless when it comes to hair!

One of my readers commented that it's going to come down to Charlie and Daniel in the end. He may be right. They both seem, at least thus far, to be the top stylists among the (now) 10.

Thanks again to my friends over at Shear Genius sponsor Nexxus, and their stylist Roy Teeluck, here's how to get the winning look from Charlie (shown above):

Roy reminds us: Make sure you choose an age appropriate cut and color. Dark hair and a blunt cut can look modern and fresh on a young woman, but can have the opposite effect on a more mature face.
  • To get this winning look, ask your stylist for a long, structured cut with blunt bangs.
  • Start sleek styles in the shower. Wash and condition hair with moisturizing products such as Nexxus Sleektress Shampoo and Hydra Sleek Conditioner.
  • Apply a straightening product with silicone to damp hair. Try Nexxus Sleek Memory for frizz free results. It not only helps to smooth and straighten hair at first use, but also works with your thermal tools to “train” hair straight over time.
  • Blow dry hair in small sections using a large round brush, pulling hair down and away from scalp. Blast hair with cool air to set the style.
  • Distribute a small amount of Nexxus Sleek Style onto hands and then smooth over hair to lock it in place and control flyaways.
I like the heavy bang and the shine in this style. Her hair looks much better than the "before."

Be sure to tune in to the next episode of Shear Genius next Wednesday at 10:00 pm on Bravo.


Sue Anne said...

I definitely think she looks so much better than before. I agree with one of the judges that the haircut would have been perfect had the bangs been just a smidge shorter. She has such gorgeous eyes, and I don't like the blunt bangs that hang over the eyes.

Lydia said...

I agree that the bangs are too long. A smidge shorter would have been much better and would have allowed the model time for her hair to grown in a bit before getting a trim. But...considering what other's did (or didn't do!), the winning look was an obvious pick!