Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Now I'm a Believer!

I mentioned last week that I was trying out a product called Blo & Go. I said I would give the product a test run and then share my thoughts with you. Well...I'm ready to give you my assessment!

Let me start this review by admitting a certain degree of skepticism on my part about this tool. At first blush, I dismissed it as another product I didn't need, an "As Seen On TV" solution to a problem I didn't know existed.

Then I gave it a try.

Here's a tiny bit of an actual conversation between my mother and myself:

MOM: Your hair looks nice today.
ME: Thanks.
MOM: I like it when you use your flat iron to straighten it out.
ME: Oh, I didn't use my flat iron today....I just blew it dry.
MOM: Really? It's so straight and shiny...it looks like you really took your time with it.
ME: Nope. I dried it using that Blo&Go thing I'm testing for my blog.

That conversation pretty much sums up my experience with the Blo&Go. It's amazing! All my jaded skepticism vanished with the results I got. But let me back up a bit and give you a more in depth review.

The Blo&Go is easy to set up. Sure, I had my husband do it for me, but I watched him do it and it seemed easy enough. The Blo&Go suctions to a flat, non-porous surface (I am using the mirror in my bathroom) and holds itself very securely. You strap in your hairdryer with a bungee cord, tilt and position the neck of the Blo&Go as needed, and you're good to go...and blow! (Sorry.) I was concerned that the Blo&Go wouldn't reach far enough out, since I have to attach it to my mirror and it needs to span my vanity. The neck is plenty long and stretching out over the bathroom counter was no problem.

The Blo&Go is easy to use. You just turn on your dryer, stand underneath, and brush and syle your hair as you dry it. Having both hands free is a huge help. It allowed me to really brush my hair, making it more silky and shiny and giving it a better finished look.

It seems like the Blo&Go cut down on my overall drying time. Because it is suspended over my head, the top of my head and the back/bottom layers dried faster. Plus I don't have to flat iron my hair anymore...unless I really, really want to (and who wants to spend more time and energy on their hair? Not I!).

I can see why the Blo&Go sells out when it's featured on HSN. It does an amazing job. If it can make MY hair look good, there's hope for the rest of you. Yes, this may seem like a weird product, but I'm telling you...it has made a difference for me. Who knew?

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