Sunday, July 06, 2008

Make It Yourself Makeup

There's something about me that loves to be all crafty. I like to cook, to make jewelry, to scrapbook, to do all sorts of DIY artsy-craftsy things. Maybe it's a girl thing?

Well...if you're like me and you enjoy making stuff, why not try making your own mineral makeup?

I know, it sounds a bit scary--making your own cosmetics. But, thanks to Bramble Berry Soap Making Supplies, you can mix your very own custom blends of mineral eye cosmetics. How fun is that?

In addition to tons of great soap supplies and kits to make your own fancy-schmancy soaps at home, Bramble Berry also has several kits that help you create your own cosmetics. These kits have everything you need to create personalized cosmetics that are good for your skin, fun to make, and cheap to buy. By mixing a few simple ingredients, you can create your own foundations, blushes, bronzers, and lipsticks with the pigments that work best for your skin tone. You can also be 100% sure that your makeup won’t cause premature aging, breakouts, or even damage to the environment.

Bramble Berry’s newest addition, the Mineral Make Up Eye Shadow Kit, makes over 25 eye shadows for less than $50. Create the palettes you’ve always wanted for any occasion or look, at a fraction of the cost of leading mineral makeup brands. With a little help from Bramble Berry, you are now the one in control of what goes into your cosmetic bag.

Follow individual eye shadow recipes from the instruction manual or customize your own in just 5 easy steps:

Step1: Add 3 scoops of desired mineral base into an empty jar.
Step2: Add desired pigment or pigments.
Step 3: Mix well. Step 4: Carefully pour into a shadow pot.
Step 5: Apply.

Bramble Berry Eye Shadow Kits include: 5 containers of mineral bases, 9 pigment powders, 10 empty eye shadow pots, 5 measuring scoops, 2 cosmetic brushes , and 1 detailed instruction manual all for $44.99.

This beautifully packaged kit has everything you need to create custom blended mineral eye shadows. Not a crafty girl? This is the perfect gift for one of your more DIY-minded, beauty-loving friends. Check it out!

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