Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Double Duty!

I'm a lip product junkie. On any given day, I typically have at least 4 tubes of lipstick or lipgloss floating around in my purse. It's rare if I have actual cash in my wallet and I can never seem to find my cell phone, but when it comes to fishing out a tube of lip color from my always cluttered purse, I can find it like a magnet finds metal. The last time I stopped and paid attention to my lipstick hording ways, I was equally amused and disgusted to find that I had squirreled away just under two dozen lip products in my bag. Yikes!

Well, for all the lip obsessed out there (myself included), there's a thoughtfully packaged lip product that gives you two for one: Senna Cosmetic's Lip Sync. For $24, you get both a lipgloss and a lipstick in the same shade (another plus! I can't tell you how many times I found the perfect lipstick shade but wished that it came in a gloss...or the other way around!) in a double-stacked tube. The packaging on this product really is inventive. I think I used the word "clever" to describe it to one of my family members.

Right now, Senna is only offering three shades: A La Mode--a rosy peach; Paris Pink--a true, soft pink; and Stunning--an earthy shade with hints of coral. You can either wear the lipstick or gloss alone, or layer them up for a completely new look. Both the gloss and the stick have a pleasant cookie (what they call biscotti) flavor. I hope they add new colors for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons! I love the innovative packaging and the fact that you are getting two products for the price of one. Both my wallet AND my handbag approve!

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