Thursday, July 24, 2008

Concealer 101

I recently received an email from a reader who wanted to know more about concealer. It was when I read her question that I realized that, apart from this entry, I have not talked a whole lot about concealer.

Why? Because I never use the stuff. As much as I love makeup, I don't like taking extra steps or using extra products if it is not absolutely necessary. To cover my many flaws, I just stick with foundation. If my dark circles or huge blemishes can't be hidden with my normal makeup routine, then so be it. I'm not what you would call a perfectionist!

However, there are plenty of people who use concealer on a regular basis. This entry will be an overview on why to use it, how to use it, and other tips. If you are a concealer user and you want to add your thoughts on the subject, by all means, leave a comment!

Concealer does just what it says: it conceals imperfections. Unlike foundation that balances out skin tone all over the face. concealer is best used in specific places. If foundation is like a broad brush, concealer is the fine, more detailed tool. Concealer is best used to cover up dark under eye circles, to make pimples or blackheads less noticeable, or as a primer for eyeshadow.


Because concealer is for finer details, it should only be used in those pinpointed spots. Do not use concealer for all over color. Apply concealer lightly, using either a concealer brush or your fingertips. The more gentle your touch, the better. Just dot the concealer over the area needing coverage, gently blotting the product into the skin to thoroughly blend it. If you don't blend concealer correctly, or if you use too much, you can end up with a cakey look that will only draw more attention to your problem area. Not what you want!

  • For information about colored concealers, click here for an earlier entry I wrote on the subject.
  • If you don't want to buy a separate concealer, you can try just using your normal foundation and a concealer brush to add more product to your trouble area
  • If you're a concealer user, please leave a comment with your tips and let me know the name/maker of your favorite concealer!
Now...I hope that covers the subject!


PikachuHater said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealor is my favourite, though it takes a while to get the hang of it!