Thursday, June 05, 2008

You Can't Always Get What You Want

This is going to be a different kind of post. Instead of telling you about products or giving you tips on makeup application, I am going to talk about what I want from a beauty product.

As your friendly, neighborhood beauty blogger, I try A LOT of products, some good, some not so good. However, if I had a magic wand and could get what I want out from products, here's what I'd ask for. Consider this a (probably incomplete) beauty wish list. Be sure to add your thoughts by leaving a comment!

In no particular order, I want...
  1. All my beauty products to be made of organic, natural, non-toxic ingredients that are good for my skin and the environment
  2. None of my products to be tested on animals
  3. No excess packaging of any kind
  4. Anti-aging products that actually DO what they say they're going to do
  5. An easy, foolproof way to figure out exactly which skincare/anti-aging product is right for me
  6. A body cream that provides: smooth, silky skin, firming ingredients, gradual tanning ingredients, hair growth-reducing ingredients, and SPF 30 (or higher) all in one, pleasant smelling cream
  7. Foundation that doesn't slip...ever
  8. Some easy, pain-free, inexpensive, permanent way to remove unwanted hair
  9. Lip color that lasts for a long time, provides just the right amount of color, and just the right amount of shine
  10. Nail polish that is easy to apply in one coat that will not chip off or stain my natural nails
  11. Hair color that won't hurt my hair and that lasts a long time
  12. Salon services that will make me look amazing without costing a fortune
  13. Self-cleaning makeup brushes
  14. SALES on high end makeup products...or just a price reduction in general
  15. Some way of finding the perfect lipstick, perfume, eye shadow, etc. for me without having to go through the expensive trial and error process
There you have it. As I said, this is not a complete list, and I'm sure you have thoughts on this. If so, please leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

Good list! i completely agree about the no animal testing, no bad ingredients thing. I want something that will magically heal cuts (i am a clumsy shaver) and zits.

Smirking Cat said...

The most important for me is your last one, being able to test products and find what I want without having to buy it and try it at home. Drugstores and department stores need testers of EVERYTHING, or else they need to take back any cosmetic item, opened or not! I don't know how we are expected to choose a color without being able to test it first.