Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pretty Cheap!

I'm tired of hearing about the economy. Living on the West Coast, gas costs about $4.40 a gallon. Food costs are up. Energy costs are up. Hell, even the cost of popcorn is up.

Even though I don't like thinking about it or admitting to it, the rise in basic expenses has me pinching pennies whenever possible: I haven't had a hair cut or color since February and I am cutting back on the number of times I get a pedicure. If it's not an essential, I am thinking twice before making a purchase.

However, we still need to be beautiful during these tough economic times! If you're short on cash but want a little glam in your life, you can STILL head over to Sephora. I know, trips to Sephora are often a costly indulgence. But if you're smart and frugal, you can walk out of everyone's favorite cosmetic store with some fun beauty products and without buyer's remorse.

Here are some top picks for goodies $5 and under from Sephora:
  • Sephora Safari Clear Makeup Bag, $5: Tired of digging for your eyeliner? Try this clear cosmetic bag and keep all your essentials right where you can see them. This is a nice sized bag that will hold plenty of your faves!
  • Tweezerman FileMate, $5: Tweezerman makes amazing products! These nail files have three things going for them: 1) they have Tweezerman quality, 2) they are exceptionally cute, and 3) they only cost $5. Score!
  • Sephora Nail Polish, $2-$4: Forget purchasing pricey accessories--spice up any summer outfit with one of Sephora's 60 colors! The color selection will delight you, and the small size bottles make a lot of sense. I love these!
  • Bare Escentuals On the Spot, $5: For less than a gallon of gas you can snag these swabs that make eye makeup removal a cinch!
  • Sephora Jumbo Eye Pencil, $5: This is the perfect product for getting a smudgy, sexy, summer look. And for $5? You'll be pretty and smart with this purchase!
Even if you're feeling economic blues, grab up a new Lincoln and head to Sephora for a quick and cheap pick-me-up! Think of it as economic stimulus on a very small scale.

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