Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Update: Lip Gloss Quest

Back at the start of April, I mentioned to you that I was on the search for the perfect ligloss for the spring. Click here for my earlier post. I'm sad to report that I never really found "the one" that suited me perfectly.

I did, however, find a brand of drugstore lipgloss that I liked quite a bit--I just need to keep trying to find the "just right" shade. The brand I liked the best? Maybelline Volume XL Seduction.

It glides on so easily, I don't have to use a mirror to apply it. It has a yummy flavor that reminds me of juicy, summery fruit, and it has just the perfect amount of lip-plumping tingle that wakes up my lips.

Volume XL Seduction comes in 10 shades, including a clear coat that can be applied over your favorite lipcolor to get its plumping and shine benefits. I've tried two shades: Born with It, a very pale pink that was too light for my tastes, and Fully Blushed, a pink that looks brighter in the bottle than on the lips (a good thing). Fully Blushed is pretty good, but I think I'll try another shade soon...just in time for the summer.

If you're looking for a decent lipgloss and want the added bonus of slight plumping, look no further than Volume XL Seduction...it's a very decent addition to my bulging makeup case!

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