Saturday, May 03, 2008

Raisin in the Sun

If the threat of potentially deadly cancer isn't enough to keep you away from the sun or tanning salon, consider this: SUN EXPOSURE IS THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF WRINKLES!!!! That's right: the primary cause of premature aging is exposure to the sun. The sun's rays damage your skin causing discoloration and wrinkles.

Give in to your sense of vanity and minimize your exposure. Wear SPF every day, don't go to tanning salons, wear your sunglasses, and cover up as much as possible. All those sun worshipers lying around catching some rays will look like well-tanned pieces of leather in no time. I know you don't want to look like that.

On a related note, smoking is also a huge factor in premature aging. Next time you see a smoker, look at his/her mouth--I bet they'll have plenty of nasty lines and wrinkles around their lips. Not good. There is NO need to smoke...just like there is NO need to tan.

Trust me!

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