Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Milestone and A Giveaway!

Earth Day Week is winding down, and I just realized that this is my 500th entry at kiss-and-makeup! 500 entries? Wow--where has the time gone?

In honor of my 500th entry AND in keeping with enviro-week over here at K&MU, I am giving away a set of four fabulous brushes from ecoTOOLS. I told you about these new makeup brushes awhile back, and I like them so much I want to share the love. ecoTOOLS rock! They're made out of bamboo and have synthetic bristles. Plus they're packaged in a very eco-friendly way. What's not to like?

Leave me a comment and tell me if you worry about what your beauty products are made of and why (or why not). As a bonus, tell me your about your favorite organic/natural beauty product or company. Make sure I have a way of contacting you and enter by May 1st. I'll pick and announce a winner (at random) on May 2nd. The winner will get the following:
  • Two Bamboo Foundation Brushes (one big, one small)
  • Bamboo Blush Brush
  • Bamboo Eye Shading Brush (my fave!)
I'll also throw in a bath and shower mitt for good measure. So...share your thoughts and you could win a fabulous prize!


jill said...

I'm concerned that toxic ingerdients might be in my make up but I also dont let myself obsess over it. i try to do some things to lessen my exposure to stuff but ultimately i just buy what i like.

my favorite organic burts bees organic? if so that's my pick. i love their lip balm.

Laurie said...

Ooh - 500 entries! Congratulations. I made my way through your archives and I loved all 500 of 'em!

I have become more aware in the last year of makeup toxins - the lipstick "scare" comes to mind first. However, I live in a smoggy city - so I imagine I'm getting my due share of chemicals from that?!

However, I am very interested in eco beauty. I recently picked up a tube of Physicians Formula's new organic tinted moisturizer. I must say, it's pretty fabulous - especially with summer coming. I highly recommend!

Princess Bitch said...


i honestly dont worry too much about toxins in my nail polish and i know i really should. i do worry about toxins in any product that goes on my face. and yet, i will still occasionally buy crappy stuff.

that said, i just found this amazing shampoo called Organix. Sold in the grocery store and Im so in love. i have had experiances w/ other organic hair products and been really dissppointed. but this one ROCKS MY HEAD!!! :) smells wonderful, washes and rinses well.and only $5 a bottle. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I am not worried about the things that goes into makeup as long as its non-comedogenic. The reason behind this is because a lot of people have allergic reactions to natural products such as certains extracts and food allergies. Applying it topically can exascerbate the problem and make applying natural makeup pointless. Sometimes the most beneficial things in life are artificial. For example, the cell phone. Nothing in this metal and plastic hardware is organic, and people throw them out and get new ones on a daily basis. As for my favorite organic brand, it would have to be Boscia :)

Sue said...

I am concerned about makeup toxins and worce yet, excessive packening that drives up the cost of beauty supplies and kills our environment. I am also pay particular attention to what products have been tested on animals.

Fav. product: Burt's Bees peach face scrub, leaves my face very kissable!

Rebecca said...

I'm really concerned about the toxic ingredients that are in makeup. Make up may only go on your face temporarily, but the toxin that are potentially in it stayo n your face for life. Therefore, if I know that a certain make up product has toxic ingredients, I tend to shy away from it. Makeup is supposed to make you look beautiful and no one looks good with toxins on their face!

My favorite organic line at the time is by Dr. Hauscka. I love the fact that I can pronounce every name on the ingredients list and the fact that every time I use the prodcts my skin feels refreshed and rejuvenated, no weighed down!

Thanks for making this giveaway possible! I love reading your blog!

Kara said...

I worry about it a lot especially since I've heard about the toxins in lipstick..then you think about how much you probably ingest on a daily basis..eeek!

My favorite organic's a tie between Physician's Formula Le Velvet Film foundation and Burt's Bee's Grapefruit Moisturizer Spray(I stick this in my fridge during the summer and spray myself to cool down, it's heavenly!).

Amanda said...

I haven't really given much thought to the ingredients in my beauty products, and I haven't tried many different organic products. If I had to choose one, it would be Burt's Bees (since that's one thing I have tried and like).

I found your blog searching for 24.7 Skincare. I got some at CVS today and already love it after using it once.

blazershockeyfan (at) hotmail (dot) com

Kara said...

I forgot to leave my e-mail addy: It's mccollumk(at)gmail(dotcom).

Thanks and congrats on post 500!!

Intric4te said...

Of course I am worried about what my products are make of, Espicially brushes. I try and go for the vegan products. No animal hair brushes or animal testing. That why I love Urban Decay. They are a company dedicated to non-testing on animals.

Bunny B said...

I worry if the products have any toxins or ingredients that I'm allergic to because my skin is sensitive. I also don't like products that clog my pores.

I haven't started on any organic products but would love to. Thanks!

Tracy said...

I read today that shiny lip gloss can actually attract the sun's rays and could quite possibly cause tons of skin damage to you lips.

NOT cool.

stephanie said...

i don't worry about the ingredients too awfully much. i do like to use more natural skincare, especially LUSH products. my main priority is buying personal care, makeup, skincare, beauty products, etc from companies that are exclusively cruelty-free. it's just an added bonus that many of them (like urban decay, LUSH, jason, kiss my face, etc.) just happen to make the more natural type of products you mentioned. i even made a blog devoted entirely to cruetly-free living.