Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Look Younger With Allure

I read way too many beauty and fashion magazines. Honestly, after awhile, they all seem to blend together and I can't tell if I'm reading Allure or Glamour! However, while thumbing through Allure the other day, I noticed that they have a section on their website that gives registered users daily tips on ways to make yourself look younger.

Registration is a snap and is totally free. Just go here to get yourself connected. Don't feel like signing up but still want the tips? Well...it's a good thing you came to my blog! Here are all of Allure's tips on how you can look younger in just 30 days (if you want more details, head over to Allure's site):
  1. Get an extra hour of sleep. God, who couldn't use that? Sleep is such a luxury!
  2. Wear at least an SPF 15 sunscreen daily.
  3. Drink more water.
  4. Brighten your skin with your cleanser. Check out Olay's products--they have a lot of budget-friendly multi-tasking cleansers on the market.
  5. Start using an antioxidant on your face in the morning. Check for a moisturizer or skin care product that contains antioxidants to get moisture and anti-aging all in one step.
  6. Exercise! It does wonders for your skin, your muscles, etc. Hell, just look at Madonna. She's getting up there and still looks amazing!
  7. Use retinols at night to fight wrinkles. Retinols don't do well when they're exposed to the sun, so a night cream containing retinols makes a lot of sense.
  8. Make your skin look better with foundation. Using foundation is an art-form for some, a disaster for others. If you do it right it will even you out and make your skin look great.
  9. Fight under eye circles with concealer. A good eye cream can't hurt either!
  10. Keep your skin hydrated.
  11. Warm up your face with blush.
  12. Cover your gray hairs. While you're at it, update your hair style!
  13. Pump up your lips. No need to go under the knife--just try Lip Venom or some other lip plumper. A little color on your lips will help make you look more youthful as well.
  14. Try an at-home treatment. A peel or at-home microderm kit will relax you and make your skin look great!
  15. Brighten your eyes. Try a blue mascara to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.
  16. Lighten any dark spots. Try a concealer or see a dermatologist. Dark spots are often a sign of sun damage and can really add the years to your skin.
  17. Get more quality sleep. Heck, I'm just happy to get 7 hours a night! Consider a new mattress or at least a mattress cover and new pillows if you wake up stiff and sore each morning.
  18. Depuff your eyes. Cucumber slices are popular because they're cool and help bring down the puff. Again, a good eye cream or gel is great tool to add to your age-busting arsenal.
  19. Add highlights to give your hair depth.
  20. Work on your eyebrows. Put down those tweezers and let a pro shape your brows for you!
  21. Don't forget to protect your neck. Be sure to wash it and moisturize it daily. Whatever goes on your face should also go on your neck!
  22. Get rid of crows feet. If botox isn't your thing, try an eye cream that firms and lifts.
  23. Whiten your teeth!
  24. Exfoliate the skin on your body.
  25. Work on giving your hair more volume. A good cut will help, as will a decent blow out.
  26. Get rid of redness. There are a lot of creams on the market that help tone down the red in your face or body. They work! If you have a skin issue causing the redness, see your dermatologist.
  27. Give your hair a break and a treatment. Hydrate it with a mask or scalp treatment to undo some of the damage from too many treatments, too much heat, etc.
  28. Eat more fruits and veggies!
  29. Give yourself an at-home facial or go see a professional.
  30. Paint your nails and make sure your hands look good.
Here's a bonus tip from yours truly:
31. Have more sex! I read somewhere that women who have sex and orgasms regularly are seen by others as being more youthful. It gets your blood flowing, makes you feel good, and honestly? What could it hurt?!?

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Zelf kleding maken said...

I really wonder if Lip Venom helps. I'm eager to try it, but it isn't cheap unfortunately!