Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ask Lydia: Stained!

Hi Lydia~ I love your blog and read you almost every day. I finally have a question for you. I've noticed a lot of different brands have stains. From looking at the packaging, it seems that these can be used on the cheeks and lips. The stains always look scary because they look so dark and so runny. How do they work?

Thanks! Keep up the good work!


Hi Kim,

Thanks so much for your email. Funny I should get a question about stains--I just got one of Sephora's new stains and have yet to try it out.

I understand your apprehension. In the bottle, stains are intimidating. They look so dark and pigmented...they almost look like food coloring! To be honest, I haven't really experimented with stains because I'm really pale and I fear having huge blotches of color on my face. However, when you apply it, the color is very subtle, so don't be too afraid!

Here are a few tips for making cheek stains work for you:
  • Make sure your skin's texture is even and smooth by exfoliating or applying a foundation primer before you put on your foundation
  • Once your foundation is done, apply a dime size of the stain to your cheek using a sponge or brush (Sephora's Lush Flush Wine Lip and Cheek Stain has a built in applicator which is very handy)
  • Work quickly to blend the color into your skin using your fingers to smear the stain in circular motions. Go from your cheekbone up to your temples, just like you apply a powder or cream blush.
Stains can also be used on your lips. In my limited experience, I find that lip stains make my lips feel dry and I miss the luster of a gloss. Again, you'll probably want to exfoliate your lips before applying the stain.

Here are a few stains to try:
  • Sephora's Lush Flush Wine Lip and Cheek Stain, $10
  • Tarte Cheek Stain, $28
  • Benefit Cosmetics Benetint, $28
I hope this helps you, Kim! Let me know how you do with the stains. And if any of you have a question for me or want to add your two cents, please email me or leave a comment.


Laurie said...

Hi there! I'm new to your blog - but really enjoy it!

I got on board with cheek stains last fall and haven't looked back since!! I love tarte's in dollface and blushing bride. Perfection!

Princess Bitch said...

I have a lip stain by Styli Style and I have to agree that it does dry out my lips. I usually wear a gloss with it to luster them up a bit. But even then, I just prefer gloss most days.