Monday, March 10, 2008

What is It and Why Do I Need It? High-Def Makeup

I keep getting emails about new high-definition makeup and I wonder: does the average consumer really need such a product?

Cargo is selling the blu_ray collection--mascara, eye shadow, blush, gloss, and a mattifier, all designed to meet the unique demands of shooting people in high-def. Make Up Forever is also coming out with a line of products targeted at people who are shot in high-def on a regular basis. They're selling foundation that corrects the complexion while "improving the skin's aspects."

Huh? Skin aspects? What the heck?

Since I am just an ordinary woman and I don't appear on camera oh...ever...I'm not concerned with buying high-def makeup. However, I just bought a new high-def TV and man! The picture is amazingly sharp. I can see why newswomen and weather girls might want to have these products at their ready. I found myself hypnotized by a local newscaster's shiny blue eyeshadow the other eyeshadow designed for high-def (and a talented makeup artist) would have really saved the makeup day.

For now, I say that unless you're on TV as part of your daily routine, you can probably skip the high-def makeup for now. You don't have to follow all the trends, after all. I give you permission to stick with your normal makeup!


Sugarshock said...

Lydia - I thought the same thing until I tried the blush. it's divine! it gives a pretty glow and has a gorgeous color. though you might be able to get a similar effect from a Nars or other blush too....

Anonymous said...
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