Monday, March 17, 2008

Which Comes First?

I don't care if the chicken came before the egg (or vice versa!). What I DO care about is whether you should apply eye cream before moisturizer or moisturizer before eye cream. And apparently, I'm not the only one confused about this.

In my research around the Internet, I can definitively tell you that I have no freaking idea what we're supposed to do!

Some sites tell you to put facial moisturizer on first, followed by eye cream. The theory behind this is that you'll give the moisturizer a little longer to settle into your skin before you start with your foundation.

Others say eye cream should always be applied first since the area around your eyes is more delicate and does better absorbing the active ingredients in the eye product when the skin is still damp. Some also say that topping an eye cream or serum with lotion will actually seal in its active ingredients

I say: there seems to be no good advice in this area. I know what I do: I apply eye cream first. Why? Well, since the skin around my eyes is more sensitive, I feel like applying eye cream first, with a clean finger, (by which I mean my hands have not yet been coated in moisturizer) will keep my skin free of potential irritants that might be found in my moisturizer.

Routines are hard to break, and for me, eye cream has always come before moisturizer...right or wrong. But I wonder: does it really matter? Probably not.

What do you do? Eye cream then moisturizer or moisturizer then eye cream? Pick your side and then let the debate begin!


Princess Bitch said...

eye cream?? hmmmm, i have heard of people using this.... :)

honestly my skin is so picky that i use a really moisturizing face wash and almost never add extra moisturizer after i wash my face. it gets bitchy and then my face breaks out.

Anonymous said...

I do moisturizer first. Never really thought about it, but now I'm thinking I'm doing it wrong!

BeautyChick101 said...

I put moisturizer on first. My line of thinking is basically that if I put the eye cream on first, it might get rubbed off once I put on the moisturizer! I honestly have no idea if I'm right, though!