Sunday, March 02, 2008

Shopping is Good for the Soul

Last week was hard for me. I had to go back to work after a glorious week off and I had way too much going on personally and professionally. By the middle of the week I hit the wall and was just dying to get to the weekend. I needed to recharge my batteries, and to do so, participated in a little retail therapy on Saturday. It was just what I needed!

My current hand cream is almost all used up, and I was right near a Kiehl's store when I realized I had never really blogged the brand. I went in, got a new hand cream to test out, and had the nicest chat with the women who worked there. I walked out with all sorts of goodies to try, and will be letting you know my thoughts on their products soon.

I will say this: If you're in Seattle, the University Village Kiehl's store is worth a stop. There are plenty of testers to try out (always a good thing!), the store is clean and spacious (an oasis of space and organization compared with the squishy but fabulous Sephora around the corner!), and the people who work there are helpful and friendly. Just what you expect at a higher-end shop.

Sometimes shopping can be frustrating, expensive, and less than enjoyable. My retail therapy yesterday left me feeling good, and will hopefully keep me going through the week, both at work and here in the blogosphere! Be sure to come back to Kiss-and-Makeup this week--I have all sorts of things to talk about like new makeup bags from Sephora, environmentally friendly makeup brushes, new teeth whitening products, and more. For now, I'm going to hit the shower and test out my Kiehl's Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish. Ah, that sounds so good!

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