Sunday, March 16, 2008

Natural Beauty

I'm not a religious girl, but for some reason, Sundays are my days off. On Sundays, I reject my normal routines and allow myself to just be me...completely unaltered. Though I always shower on Sundays, I rarely wash my hair, I don't take my allergy medications, don't use body creams, swear off perfumes, and rarely if ever wear makeup.

I'm not entirely sure why I do this. As a kid my mother used to say that it was good to give your skin time to breath. I suppose this is the motivation behind my makeup-free Sundays. Sunday is also my day to lounge around the house, taking it easy, just doing this and that to get myself ready for the week ahead.

But if I do go out, my lack of makeup makes me feel scuzzy. I feel like my skin is blotchy and uneven, my hair greasy and sloppy, and that everything about my appearance says to the world that I am slumming...that I don't matter.

There are some women who can go out in the world without makeup looking great and feeling confident. I am not one of those women. I feel like I need at least a tiny bit of foundation and a coat of mascara to look presentable.

What about you? Does wearing makeup make you feel more put together? Do you feel beautiful when you don't wear makeup? And...what are your bare minimum makeup products? Leave a comment and let me know!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I like to give myself time off of makeup as well. I do feel better when I wear makeup but I don't mind going out without it either. My minimums? moisturizer and lip balm!

Ruby said...

I'm the complete opposite!
I never have time in the morning to do any makeup as I'm still in highschool...and is a lazy butt.
So weekends and night outs with friends are my days to dress up get dolled up. I've gone so long w/o makeup to school that I don't find myself caring that much anymore even when my face is a pit of messy colors. I guess that's bad...but oh well, at least I'm not damaging my skin with makeup.

Joli said...

If you can get away with skipping allegy meds, consider yourself amoung the lucky. I can't even take mine too late, or I'll be suffering all day.

Princess Bitch said...

the whole weekend for me is a "take it or leave it" with the makeup thing. And usually one day of the weekend i'll even skip the shower!!!! shocking i know.

but when i do go out, i too feel scuzzy and icky. i live in what most people would refer to as "hillbilly land" so most of the time i write it off as the "im sure someone trying to look good will still look worse then i do right now". However, if im going further then the town i live in...basic, bare minimum makeup requirements are mascara, blush and either chapstick or clear gloss of some sort.

Fashion's Darling said...

I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE ON THIS! my friends think I'm addicted to makeup...maybe I am. But any day where I'm not working (I work in retail) or off to class are normally my days of rest. if I do leave my house without makeup...I feel odd, out of place (thus my obsession with oversized sunglasses- those bad boys hide half your face). my must haves: pressed powder and clarins lip treatment