Monday, March 03, 2008

Make Your Whites Whiter!

It seems like there are new whitening products on the market every few months or so...probably because so many of us want (or need!) to brighten up our smiles.

Crest has two new products hitting the stores for you to try. I have both of these and will let you know my thoughts after I use them. Here are previews, though--to wet your appetite.

Crest Whitestrips Daily Whitening Plus Tartar Protection, $39.99 for 38 applications
Coming this month to a store near you! These whitening strips need to be worn for only 5 minutes a day, and will give you both a whiter smile and tartar protection. A two for one that only takes a few minutes a day? Sounds great! Even better, the folks at Crest have heard our complaints about increased tooth sensitivity from whitening products, and they've made this system gentle enough for daily use. I'm hopeful, but will reserve judgment until after I try them out.

Crest Healthy Radiance Daily Paste and Weekly Strips
Also available this month is a kit from Crest containing a toothpaste and whitening strips. The toothpaste is meant for daily use; the strips are to be used once a week for 30 minutes. The products work together to whiten and strengthen tooth enamel, making your smile beautiful and healthy. I like the idea of having a complete system at work in my mouth, and am also keeping my hopes up for this product.

My sister has agreed to help me out with my product testing--she'll tackle the whitening strips and I'm going to try out the paste and strips. I'll report back with my findings as soon as possible!

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